The XI Chair Fertiberia of Agro-environmental Studies for major changes in the fertilizer sector

Once again, and for the eleventh consecutive year, the Fertiberia Chair of Agro-environmental Studies celebrated its Seminar on Fertilization for sustainable agriculture, this year on "SECTOR OF FERTILIZERS, TRENDS OF THE FUTURE". More than two hundred participants, among whom were representatives of MAPAMA, the Autonomous Communities, agricultural associations, farmers, researchers, students, university professors, etc., attended the meeting, which took place last Wednesday, April 18, in the Higher Technical School of Agronomic, Food and Biosystems Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Galpagro leads the European Life Resilience project

The European Union, through its Life program, has given the green light to the project led by Galpagro "Life Resilience: Prevention of X. fastidiosa in intensive plantations of olive trees and almonds applying ecological farming practices", a project that aims to achieve sustainable practices and productive for the prevention of Xylella Fastidiosa in the olive and almond plantations in intensive and high density.

AESAN and MERCAMADRID inaugurated the Professional Conference “5 a day”, highlighting the importance of spreading and promoting the consumption of fruits and vegetables

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition, AECOSAN showed its support to the Association "5 a day", inaugurating its X Professional Conference, together with Mercamadrid. This event, which was held in the auditorium of the Mercamadrid Administrative Center, brought together distribution companies, wholesalers and producers of the fruit and vegetable sector.

The 11th day of Fertiberia on fertilization for Sustainable Agriculture analyzes the future trends in the sector

The Fertiberia Chair of Agro-environmental Studies celebrates its 11th Conference on Fertilization for Sustainable Agriculture on April 18th, under the heading "SECTOR OF FERTILIZERS, TRENDS OF THE FUTURE". This event will begin at 9 am in the Assembly Hall of the Higher Technical School of Agronomic, Food and Biosystems Engineering, Agronomists Building, of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. It will deal with a series of relevant issues that will affect multiple sectors related to agricultural activity and the environment.

The Spanish agri-food sector continues to pull strongly on exports, with a rise of more than 7% in 2017

The Spanish agri-food sector continues to pull strongly on exports from the Spanish economy, with an increase of 7% in 2017, reaching 47,236 million euros. One of the data that has been released during the course of the Conference, held on February 13th in Madrid by ESADE and the LAFER Foundation, The external agri-food sector in 2017: basic data, challenges and opportunities. Among the main conclusions of this debate is the fact that although our country continues to maintain its export strength, it still fails to create value. In fact, this issue together with the diversification of markets and digitalization are the main challenges facing the agri-food sector in the field of export.

The VI National Forum of Rural Development, one of the highlights of the Technical Conference of FIMA 2018

The professionalization of the agricultural sector will be the axis of the FIMA 2018 Technical Conference. Within the framework of these, one of the most important events of the program of this edition will be held, the IV National Forum of Rural Development, which will be held on the days 20th and 21st February. With these Technical Seminars, FIMA maintains its ongoing commitment to improving agricultural activity, working to improve knowledge and provide added value to the sector.

FRUIT LOGÍSTICA: the FRUTIC Symposium will focus on the efficient use of water throughout the production chain

The main objective of the international FRUTIC convention will be water and, in particular, its efficient use throughout the fruit and vegetable production chain, from cultivation to the point of sale. This international convention offers 40 scientific papers and, in addition, it serves as an ideal platform for exchange between experts in science and the horticultural sector. In this new edition, FRUTIC is once again aligned with the leading international trade fair for fresh products, FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin, with its celebration scheduled for February 6th, one day before the start of FRUITLOGÍSTICA 2018. The chosen location for the celebration of FRUTIC is the CityCube Berlin.

The agricultural activity can and should be erected as a solution to climate change

The agricultural activity is the origin of 11% of greenhouse gas emissions ... compared to 70% that represents energy activity ... Some figures that show that agriculture is not the main catalyst for climate change; In fact, it is one of the sectors most interested in reversing this process, since it is among the most affected by it. The Agricultural Forum "Agriculture and Climate Change", held on January 19 in Seville by the Cajasol Foundation has served as a debate framework for these and other issues, such as the importance that agricultural activity has traditionally had as a barrier against desertification of areas , with environmental crops such as the olive grove, or ecosystems such as the Dehesa, in which the hand of man has been determining for its conservation.

Andalusia will promote research to optimize the quality and price of water for irrigation

During the closing of the day 'Efficiency in the use of water and use of non-conventional water resources in horticultural crops protected', held on December 1st by the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training and Fisheries of Andalusia (Ifapa) in La Mojonera, the Andalusian Agriculture Minister, Rodrigo Sánchez Haro, has advanced the implementation of a strategy aimed at optimizing the quality and price of water for irrigation.

García Tejerina will inaugurate the Agridata Summit, reference forum on digitization in Agriculture

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, opens on November 8th the second edition of the Agridata Summit, a reference forum on digital transformation and big data in the agricultural sector, where you can learn about the vision of more 30 agricultural experts and companies and successful cases in the implementation of new technologies.