Five reasons why Agro's digitalization is unstoppable

By José Luis Molina Zamora, President of the Hispatec Group

How are young farmers in a cooperative involved in rural projects?

Priority Associative Entities (EAP) are cooperatives that work daily to create, maintain and improve a professional structure at the service of a sector that covers the entire agri-food value chain.

Our fruit is a gift, what you pay for is plastic

One more campaign - and there are already a few - fruit growers and fruit growers we are not getting profitability for our work and effort, in short, for our fruit.

Brexit, even without agreement, is already noticeable in the olive sector

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, accepted an extension of the departure of the United Kingdom until October 31 at the proposal of the Heads of Government of the European Union. The "soap opera" of Brexit continues its course and, far from being resolved, it becomes even more entangled.

Engineers, men and women at the forefront of the agricultural industry

Interview with José Carbonell Castelló, Technical Secretary of the Official College of Agricultural Engineers of Levante.

Trump, Putin and olives

Article made by Juan Vilar.

Why we should not leave Plant Health aside

By Marga López, agrifood journalist. Responsible for Projects, Marketing and Communication in Siete Agromarketing.

China opens the door to new agri-food products

The signing of two new Protocols will allow the start of exports…

Tariffs for black olives: a black panorama

At the end of July the worst forecasts were fulfilled, and the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) confirmed the application of an average tariff of 34.79% on the importation of Spanish black olive, considering that the American industry I was seeing the damage caused by the entry of the product at a lower price, as a result of subsidies and subsidies from the European Union.