The EC authorizes private storage for olive oil

The commissioner has announced the imminent presentation of a proposed regulation for the opening of a measure to help private storage of olive oil, to help adjust the offer.

Biovert, more than 30 years innovating in productive and sustainable agriculture

Since 1988 Biovert develops effective and sustainable solutions to maximize the yield and quality of crops worldwide.

UPL Iberia presents in Fruit Attraction a new way of doing OpenAg agriculture

You can follow all the activity of UPL Iberia in Fruit Attraction through Social Networks with the hashtag # UPLFA19.

Agricultural sector exports grow

AGRAGEX data offer the 26% of shipments to the African continent, motivated for the recovery of the Egyptian market.

South Africa accumulates 17 pest detections in citrus shipments to Europe

A total of 17 South African shipments intercepted throughout this citrus campaign and when the country still has several months left to close its imports bound for Europe.

Trump attacks Spanish agricultural exports again

The countries most affected by them will be France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The Iberian Ham, the “delicatessen” that conquers France

France has established itself as the main importer of cured Spanish hams and shoulders. According to ICEX data, in 2018 exports to France increased by 14.5%, to over 100 million euros.

Iliana and Rugalate, the new varieties of red and sweet pomegranates from Hernandorena

Hernandorena, a nursery specialized in the production of fruit plants, presents two new varieties of pomegranate, both red and sweet, which is a great innovation with respect to the material that has been cultivated in Spain so far.

Towards a cross-cutting approach to Organic Agriculture

The Cuadernillo de la Tertulia BusinessAGRO Marketing and Profitability in Organic Agriculture, held on July 3, in Carlet (Valencia) is now available in digital and downloadable PDF version.

The biostimulant manvert foliplus celebrates 20 years with excellent results

The biostimulant manvert foliplus is an ideal organic product for budding, flowering, fruit set, development, fattening and resistance to abiotic stress.