New exceptional European measures to support the wine sector

The European Commission has adopted a complementary package of exceptional measures to support the wine sector, following the coronavirus crisis and its consequences in the sector.

The fig tree, a growing crop by specialists

The varietal research and the correct treatment of the fruit on the shelf has caused an important growth in the demand for fig plants, where Hernandorena is a specialist.

Arrigoni's new agrotextiles for drift control

Arrigoni presents ANTI-DERIVA GRAY® and ANTI-DERIVA GRAY PRO®, two new agrotextiles that significantly reduce any risk of environmental contamination.

Biofruitnet improves crop protection methods

The BIOFRUITNET project aims to connect professionals in the organic fruit sector across Europe and make these effective crop protection methods available to everyone.

SIPCAM Iberia bets to biostimulation and bioprotection

This year, SIPCAM Iberia launches a catalog in which quality and innovation continue to be its main emblems.

Questions and Answers on the EU budget: the PAC and Common Fisheries Policy

From the European Commission they want to clarify doubts about the new CAP and the FEMP (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, its economic distribution and its new strategic lines.

SIPCAM copes with the coronavirus with its CSR actions

SIPCAM has collaborated with associations such as AEPLA and AEFA to put their grain of sand in the battle against Covid-19.

Direct seeders, innovation and leadership for the Sembradoras GIL

The company GIL is the leader in Spain in the sale of direct sowing drills: the key to its success lies in the versatility of all its machinery, adapting to different types of soil and seeds and the proximity and direct service to farmers.

We are pioneers in the management of protected varieties and in constant evolution"

Currently CVVP manages seven protected varieties, doing essential work for breeders and licensees.

The flavor regains its prominence with the new varieties of stone fruit

Viveros Hernandorena opens the doors of its Experimentation Center to show the varieties of PSB, where flavor is the protagonist.