HaciendasBio offers the key to lengthen the harvest seasons

Thanks to the investment in the research of new varieties and in their farms located in strategic places, the producer naturally manages to extend the usual seasons of collection of these foods.

Global Plant Genetics and James Hutton Showcase New Raspberries

Recently welcomed a group of international soft fruit visitors to view a range of new raspberry selections due for imminent market launch.

Is there a future for European bananas?

This Thursday the current situation of the European banana was analyzed, and the worrying loss of absolute value and saturation of the banana and banana market in the EU.

UPL Iberia presents in Fruit Attraction a new way of doing OpenAg agriculture

You can follow all the activity of UPL Iberia in Fruit Attraction through Social Networks with the hashtag # UPLFA19.

Iliana and Rugalate, the new varieties of red and sweet pomegranates from Hernandorena

Hernandorena, a nursery specialized in the production of fruit plants, presents two new varieties of pomegranate, both red and sweet, which is a great innovation with respect to the material that has been cultivated in Spain so far.

Towards a cross-cutting approach to Organic Agriculture

The Cuadernillo de la Tertulia BusinessAGRO Marketing and Profitability in Organic Agriculture, held on July 3, in Carlet (Valencia) is now available in digital and downloadable PDF version.

The biostimulant manvert foliplus celebrates 20 years with excellent results

The biostimulant manvert foliplus is an ideal organic product for budding, flowering, fruit set, development, fattening and resistance to abiotic stress.

AGROPONIENTE GROUP will be another edition at Fruit Attraction

AGROPONIENTE GROUP will be present again at the Fruit Attraction Fair in Madrid, which this year celebrates eleven editions, in all of which Agroponiente Group has been present.

Fruit and vegetable exports grow in volume and value

Fresh fruit and vegetable exports grow by 10% in volume and 5% in value until July, although with a disparate behavior between fruits and vegetables.