Lidl pledges to boost fresh produce sales by 35%

    Discount supermarket Lidl has laid out its plans to dramatically…

    IV and V range with Mdd

    IV and V range with Mdd, a competitive advantage Years ago, the…

    Spanish producers work to develop a healthier oil

    Spanish producers and scientific entities are working to develop…

    The EC asks Spain for information to advance oil self-regulation

    In relation to market developments, a balance has been made on July 31 and, with data still provisional, on August 31.

    First sick olive trees of “Xylella fastidiosa” in France

    The detection of “Xylella fastidiosa” for the first time in two ornamental olive trees in France next to the Italian border has generated concern among farmers.

    Commercialized 145,400 tons of oil in July

    The dynamism of the olive oil market is maintained, with 145,400 tons sold in the month of July. To date, the total quantity sold is 1,303,500 tons, 16% above the previous season, with a monthly average marketing of 130,400 tons.

    Olive oil production will fall more than 40% next season

    Cooperatives Agro-alimentary of Spain estimates a reduction of more than 40% in the production of olive oil for the next campaign. Andalucía and Castilla La Mancha lead the decline, which in the case of the latter region, could be up to 60%.

    The power of millennials as a consumer

    Consum has brought together experts in consumption and cooperativism to discuss the new role of the consumer and how companies are responding.

    Carrefour, the distributor with the most BIO products in Spain

    With more than 2,200 items in its assortment, it is the distributor with the largest number of bio, vegan and vegetarian products in Spain.