The European fruit and vegetable sector already needs exceptional measures

AREFLH asks Commission President Von der Leyen to put in place exceptional measures to respond to the consequences of the coronavirus health crisis.

Covid19: Commission stands ready to continue supporting EU's agri-food sector

The Commission keeps monitoring closely all agricultural markets and trade of food products, with the EU market observatories being regularly updated.

Create a European College of Fruit and Vegetable Interprofessionals

Interfel, Hortiespaña, Ortofrutta Italia and Bo G&F Nederland, all interprofessionals, promote this forum within Freshfel Europe, the European Association for Fresh Products.

The EC opens call to support the export of agri-food products

These grants are one of the measures that the Member States demanded from the EU to mitigate the effects of the tariffs.

2020, International Year of Plant Health

FAO presented the International Year of Plant Health (AISV) of the United Nations in 2020, whose objective is to raise global awareness on how to protect Plant health.

The methods of the Von der Leyen Commission: greener and digital

The working methods of the von der Leyen Commission are focused on achieving more results in Europe and in the world, betting on a greener and digitalized commission.
European Comission

The new European Commission begins to work

Janusz Wojciechowski, MEP veteran and current member of the European Court of Auditors, is the new Commissioner of Agriculture, while Phil Hogan assumes the Commerce portfolio.

The EU finally agrees to delay the "brexit" until next January 31

The Ambassadors of the Twenty-seven made the decision to delay Brexit during a new meeting, after Friday they failed to unanimously agree on the duration of the new extension.

First sick olive trees of “Xylella fastidiosa” in France

The detection of “Xylella fastidiosa” for the first time in two ornamental olive trees in France next to the Italian border has generated concern among farmers.

World wheat production drops

A 23% reduction in Canadian durum wheat production and 9.5% less in European production are expected. Situation that makes expect a rebound in prices for European producers.