The JVS seed join incorporates new entities

Two new breeding specialists, Matsui and Nanto, have joined JVS Japan Vegetable Seeds, the joint venture established in 2017 by Nippon Norin Seed Co. Ltd, Kurume Vegetable Breeding Co. Ltd and Mitsui & Co. Ltd.

The European fruit and vegetable sector already needs exceptional measures

AREFLH asks Commission President Von der Leyen to put in place exceptional measures to respond to the consequences of the coronavirus health crisis.

Organic Food Iberia and Eco Living Iberia announces new dates: Madrid, 3-4 September 2020

Organic Food Iberia and Eco Living Iberia has confirmed new dates of the 3-4 September due to the rapidly escalating coronavirus outbreak. 

Covid19: Commission stands ready to continue supporting EU's agri-food sector

The Commission keeps monitoring closely all agricultural markets and trade of food products, with the EU market observatories being regularly updated.

Aid from the CAP is processed until June 15

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, welcomed the decision of the European Commission (EC) to extend until June 15 the deadline for submitting applications for CAP assistance.

Create a European College of Fruit and Vegetable Interprofessionals

Interfel, Hortiespaña, Ortofrutta Italia and Bo G&F Nederland, all interprofessionals, promote this forum within Freshfel Europe, the European Association for Fresh Products.

"It is necessary to ensure materials for the fruit industry"

Afrucat asks the Spanish and Catalan governments not to stop supplying materials for the fruit industry.

Spain and Germany share their positions on the future CAP

At this meeting, the two ministers have shown their support for farmers and ranchers by improving the functioning of the value chain of the agri-food sector.

Organic food “continues to see unstoppable growth in Spain”

Organic agriculture in Spain is booming and remains one of the top markets for organic in the world. 

Luis Planas meets with the Mauritanian authorities

Together with the Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy of the Republic of Mauritania, Minister Planas has also chaired a working meeting with the members of the delegations of both countries.