AESAN and MERCAMADRID inaugurated the Professional Conference “5 a day”, highlighting the importance of spreading and promoting the consumption of fruits and vegetables

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The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition, AECOSAN showed its support to the Association “5 a day”, inaugurating its X Professional Conference, together with Mercamadrid. This event, which was held in the auditorium of the Mercamadrid Administrative Center, brought together distribution companies, wholesalers and producers of the fruit and vegetable sector.

For the opening ceremony of its professional day, “5 a day” counted with Juan Julián García Gómez, from AECOSAN and the director of Mercamadrid, David Chica. In his opening speech, David Chica congratulated “5 a day” for the work he does by spreading his main message, increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables among the population. He also wanted to make clear the support of Mercamadrid to this type of initiatives that undoubtedly help improve the health of the population, announcing that during this year both entities will continue to collaborate as they have been doing to date, in new projects.

For his part, the representative of the AECOSAN, Juan Julián García, valued the work of dissemination that develops “5 a day” aimed at promoting healthy values ​​of fruits and vegetables, and indicated the programs that have started up from their Agency in matter of food and nutrition.

The Professional Conference, which was sponsored by Europool System Spain, Cajamar, Sakata Seed Iberica and UNIQ, featured several presentations that provided attendees with some keys to apply in their companies. The opening speech was given by Arturo Molinero, general director of HR and External Relations of Carrefour, who analyzed the importance of human capital for companies. He also explained the importance of women in the workplace, with the Engagement Program, which they have started with the sole objective of revaluing the work of women, since there are many workers at the bottom of the pyramid and according to it rises to the top of it every time there is less. In conclusion, I explain the importance of the motivation of workers and the direct relationship between professional success, self-confidence and happiness.


Before the fruit break, Raúl Calleja, director of Fruit Attraction, presented the various novelties that will be during the 2018 edition, being the main change in the days of celebration of the same, from Tuesday to Thursday in full-time. He also indicated the creation of a Landing Page that will facilitate the process of participating in the fair to the exhibitor. And finally, he recalled that Fruit Attraction is a network, an instrument at the service of the sector to expand contacts, help companies grow and sell more.

The round table without a doubt surprised the assistants since of the hand of Antonio Villafuerte of San Telmo that acted of moderator, it was approached what is and for what serves the digital transformation applied to the sector hortofrutícola. The table was formed by Enrique de los Ríos of Unica Group, Jose Luis Molina Zamora of Hispatec and Pedro Carrillo Donaire of ec2ce who contributed their particular vision on the subject.

Those present agreed that above all we must work at the beginning of the chain, which is less digitized: with the data, better production decisions are made, if we associate data to all the processes, decisions can be made based on that data In addition, supply and demand are balanced

The conclusions of the table were:

• Digital transformation is a set of new technologies that we can apply to our businesses little by little.
• Not everything is technology, there is also culture, which is equal or more important than technology.
• It is not only necessary to focus on the digital transformation but also on the business transformation, since it goes much further.
• To make a strategic change of company, two factors are needed: A sense of change and a model to start walking.

One more year the Association “5 a day” closed its most important annual event, with the presence of its partners and other companies in the sector and the support of AECOSAN and Mercamadrid.

Source: “5 a day”


➡️UNIQ, successful ally in the Profesional Day of 5day