• LAINCO starts trials with SENSATIO®, the solution against Xylella fastidiosa in Mallorca

    After obtaining the patent last December, LAINCO has started…
    Xylella fastidiosa

    Identified a natural solution against Xylella fastidiosa

    Xylella fastidiosa it is one of the most dangerous bacteria for…

    Portugal, probably the best country for olive growing

    By Juan Vilar Consultores Estratégicos Portugal is one of…

    EU approves private storage of olive oil

    Four consecutive tenders are established that will allow storing the necessary quantities until the rebalancing of the olive oil market is achieved.

    The EC authorizes private storage for olive oil

    The commissioner has announced the imminent presentation of a proposed regulation for the opening of a measure to help private storage of olive oil, to help adjust the offer.

    INNOLIVAR opens the deadline for the presentation of the candidatures of innovation olivar and of pre-commercial public purchase bidding

    On May 4, the deadline for submitting proposals within the INNOLIVAR Precommercial Public Procurement Agreement, "Innovation and technology for a sustainable olive grove", began after the Pre-Market Consultation deadline and the administrative and technical specifications governing the process. There has been a delay due to its adaptation to the new Law on State Contracts. From that date until June 18 at 5:00 p.m., interested companies will have to submit electronically the necessary documentation so that their proposals are evaluated and, if applicable, they can be awarded one or several of the tendered lines. , in accordance with the provisions of its administrative and technical specifications.

    SIETE Agromarketing launches the summary booklet with the main keys of the II Business Agro Teaching Forum on Olivar

    For olivicultores and professionals linked to the olive sector who missed the II Business Agro on Olivar Tertulia, held on October 25th by SIETE Agromarketing and Agricultural e-Commerce (ECA), in the Botanical Garden of Córdoba, we have good news: they already have at their disposal the summary booklet in which the highlights of that event and its main keys and conclusions are collected.