El valor de la Agricultura Europea

Artículo de Opinión de Juan Marín, presidente de la Asociación Europea de Frutas y Hortalizas ante la crisis global producida por el COVID-19

The European fruit and vegetable sector already needs exceptional measures

AREFLH asks Commission President Von der Leyen to put in place exceptional measures to respond to the consequences of the coronavirus health crisis.

Organic Food Iberia and Eco Living Iberia announces new dates: Madrid, 3-4 September 2020

Organic Food Iberia and Eco Living Iberia has confirmed new dates of the 3-4 September due to the rapidly escalating coronavirus outbreak. 

Proexport requests from Europe facilities in the transport of perishables

The President of PROEXPORT conveys his "deep concern about the negative impact that the COVID-19 crisis is having on road transport of perishable food."

Create a European College of Fruit and Vegetable Interprofessionals

Interfel, Hortiespaña, Ortofrutta Italia and Bo G&F Nederland, all interprofessionals, promote this forum within Freshfel Europe, the European Association for Fresh Products.

"It is necessary to ensure materials for the fruit industry"

Afrucat asks the Spanish and Catalan governments not to stop supplying materials for the fruit industry.

Blueberry consumption in Europe and Spain will multiply by 4 in the coming years

The experts affirm that the consumption of blueberries begins to emerge in Europe, and Spain, a region of the planet where this red fruit is still little consumed.

Coronavirus triggers sales of apples and pears

The output of pip fruit from the Catalan chambers over the last week has grown between 50 and 100%.

Anecoop closes campaign 18/19 with growth of 3.8%

ANECOOP presents growth figures in the context of a tough and complex year: 3.8% more in volume than in the previous year and 1.5% more in turnover.

The EU supports the growth of Spanish fruit and vegetable exports in 2019

In value, the Spanish export of fruits and vegetables to the EU in 2019 rose to 12,454 million euros, 4% more than in 2018.