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    Copa-Cogeca participated in the 19th edition of the ‘Fuels of the Future’

    Copa-Cogeca participated in the 19th edition of the ‘Fuels…

    FERTINAGRO BIOTECH will turn European manures into sustainable fertilizers

    Fertinagro Biotech has been working for years to tackle this great environmental problem, mitigate climate change and provide a solution.

    Concern among farmers for the agreement with the US and the arrival of American meat

    This agreement has surprised farmers, who lack information about it, having remained hidden and signed with their backs to the sector.

    The growth of pork exports to China continues

    China representa más del 50% de todo el consumo mundial de cerdo y es el primer comprador en volumen a España de carne y elaborados de porcino.

    The Spanish Cotton Interprofessional is officially presented

    The Cajasol Foundation hosted last February 14 the celebration of the III Forum "The Spanish Cotton Sector. Presente y Fututo ", where the Spanish Interprofessional was presented officially after recognition at the BOJA on December 28, 2018.

    Meat Atracttion closes its second edition highlighting the importance of internationalization

    'Meat Attraction', the second edition of the Fair of the Meat Sector organized jointly by IFEMA and the National Association of Meat Industries of Spain (ANICE), has closed its second edition with a prevailing international presence in the sector.

    The Albacete Emilia Piñero, awarded with the recognition “INTERPORC Promises of the Kitchen”

    The Albacete Emilia Piñero has been the winner of the "INTERPORC Promises of the Kitchen Contest", which has cooked, in the opinion of the public and professionals of the hotel trade, the best dishes of "secret ice cream", elaborated mainly with white pig secrecy , caramelized sweet onion and feta cheese.

    The fourth Spanish industrial sector meets in MEAT ATTRACTION 2018

    The meat industry is the fourth industrial sector of our country, only behind the automotive industry, the oil and fuel industry and the production and distribution of electricity. The sector, formed by slaughterhouses, quartering rooms and elaborated industries, has an industrial fabric constituted by near 3,000 companies, distributed by all the Spanish geography, especially in rural areas. Although a significant part of the sector are small and medium-sized companies, this has not prevented the gradual development and consolidation of large business groups, some of them leaders at European level.

    The pig sector reduces by 50% the ammonia emissions per kilo of meat produced

    In its commitment to a model of sustainable production based, among other aspects, on the integrated prevention and control of pollution, the Spanish pig sector has reduced in recent years by 47% the ammonia emissions per kilo of meat produced, according to data of the National Inventory of Air Pollutant Emissions 1990-2016, published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

    The pig sector contributes 4 out of 10 euros of surplus of the agrifood trade balance

    The food industry showed a surplus in the 2017 balance of trade of 12,061 million euros, of which 4,564 million euros correspond to the pig sector, which contributes almost 4 out of 10 euros -37.8% -, according to data from the AEAT and the Agrifood Foreign Trade Report published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.