The fig tree, a growing crop by specialists

The varietal research and the correct treatment of the fruit on the shelf has caused an important growth in the demand for fig plants, where Hernandorena is a specialist.
fruta de hueso

Lower volume of stone fruit throughout Europe

Forecasts indicate that Europe will not reach the optimal production potential in any of the areas of the producing countries.

The European fruit and vegetable sector already needs exceptional measures

AREFLH asks Commission President Von der Leyen to put in place exceptional measures to respond to the consequences of the coronavirus health crisis.

Covid19: Commission stands ready to continue supporting EU's agri-food sector

The Commission keeps monitoring closely all agricultural markets and trade of food products, with the EU market observatories being regularly updated.

Aid from the CAP is processed until June 15

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, welcomed the decision of the European Commission (EC) to extend until June 15 the deadline for submitting applications for CAP assistance.

"It is necessary to ensure materials for the fruit industry"

Afrucat asks the Spanish and Catalan governments not to stop supplying materials for the fruit industry.

Organic food “continues to see unstoppable growth in Spain”

Organic agriculture in Spain is booming and remains one of the top markets for organic in the world. 

Fira de Barcelona moves to September the celebration of Alimentaria and Hostelco

Given the current international situation, this measure has been adopted with the aim of guaranteeing a great edition for its exhibitors and visitors, from many countries of the world.

The organic sector exceeds 40 billion euros in market volume in Europe

Spain, with almost two billion, continues in the ‘Top 10’ of European countries with the largest market volume ahead of Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands.

The European Commission recognizes the "essential" work of cooperatives in the sector

The European Commission's study "on the best ways for producer organizations to form, carry out their activities and receive support".