New App on prices and market trends for Andalusian agricultural producers

In recent years it has been more evident that the food industry…

Challenges of the digital transformation of the agri-food sector

Representatives Calidad Pascual, IBM, Telefonica Open Future_, and startups agrotech, Cropti, Fruitbull and DelSuper debatiron the difficulties, strengths and challenges of digitization in this area. For startups that participated in the debate that the food industry is so regulated as financial must be an opportunity for farmers. The speakers noted that while the sector is modernized, is not digitized so inefficiencies between production and consumption occur.

Red CALC-journalism award Alltech

Do your stories tell of Quality and Innovation in Agriculture? Alltech, a global leader in animal health and nutrition along with Red CALC - Agricultural Communicators Network of Latin America and the Caribbean - reward the best journalistic works on agriculture, animal production and / or agribusiness. You have to present your work deadline until 22 April.

Ibero-American cooperation in food and nutrition

Research and dissemination of knowledge to improve the quality of life of the population is one of the challenges of the Iberoamerican Nutrition Foundation (FINUT). Through these agreements, it wants to encourage institutional cooperation contributes to the integral development of individuals and the maximum dissemination of knowledge. The collaboration extends to the National University of Cordoba (Argentina), ILSI Mesoamerica (Life Sciences Institute Association), Hygea and Granotec.

Rijk Zwaan and “5 a day” for healthy eating in Almería

With the collaboration of schools in the province of Almeria and the Department of Health and Consumer Ayto. Of Almeria, "The Frutoteca Itinerant" has approached all children and families, a project that launches the Association "5 a day" for bring fruits and vegetables to new generations.

Citrosol immersed in an investment fund to finance projects of spin outs

Twenty public and private investors support this financing instrument…

Mexico is biotechnology applied to agriculture

Technicians, specialists and producers related to the agricultural sector in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) may benefit from the course "Biotechnology and its application in agriculture," which will be available online starting in March with the aim of improving agricultural production the region and strengthen national capacitie

Online course for farms advisers

The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture taught an online course for farms advisers and rural development to broaden the knowledge of trainers and technicians to support farmers in compliance with EU and Spanish regulations. The MAGRAMA has a web platform to support the course with video, documentation and work forums.

FIAB trains international trade in food and company managers

The Spanish agri-food industry is to train sales teams of food and beverage companies in the effective business management with a focus on modern international distribution. The program is aimed at business, directors and heads of exportation or profile involved in international sales. The course content is divided into four modules, taught in person in seven days. The registration period ends on 29 January. Participation is limited.

Seminar on the Code of Good Practices on Food Commercial Contracts

The LAFER Foundation organizes the conference on 21 January in Madrid (NH Principe de Vergara, 92) at 16:15. This meeting seeks the views of the various stakeholders in the food sector (agricultural organizations, industry and distribution). The Commercial Code of Good Practices on Food Commercial Contracts is promoted by the MAGRAMA and establishes the principles on which it is to inform trade relations and business practices. Mercasa sponsors this event.