Biofruitnet improves crop protection methods

The BIOFRUITNET project aims to connect professionals in the organic fruit sector across Europe and make these effective crop protection methods available to everyone.

The Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) grants protection for the Summer Prim lemon

The Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) has just granted protection to the Summer Prim lemon, a protection that extends throughout the entire territory of the Union until 2050.

South Africa accumulates 17 pest detections in citrus shipments to Europe

A total of 17 South African shipments intercepted throughout this citrus campaign and when the country still has several months left to close its imports bound for Europe.

Ava-Asaja asks for tranquility in the sale to citrus and persimmon producers

The Citrus Prices Table of the Consulate of the Lonja de Valencia collects in its last weekly bulletins prices that, in the opinion of AVA-ASAJA, do not allow to compensate at all the loss of commercialized kilos.

Organic avocado all year, with only two origins

This company located in the Veléz - Málaga (Málaga), supplies the market with ecological tropical products, mainly mango and avocado.

DAYMSA, a perfect ally for the citrus sector

DAYMSA offers a complete program of soil improvers, biostimulants, biocontrol products and deficiency correctors that improve the production, quality and caliber of citrus fruits.

Luis Planas claims a strong citrus interprofessional

Minister Luis Planas has visited the company SAT Guadex, where…

Fourteen measures to counteract the citrus crisis

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has proposed initiatives to address the situation aimed at adjusting supply, improving the structure and promoting the internationalization of the sector to guarantee its future.

Eca Fruits Magazine N.7 it is avaliable in its digital version and downloadable

It is already available in its digital version and downloadable in PDF editionN. 7 of the fruit Descarga aquí PDFand vegetable magazine eCA Fruits, edited by SIETE Agromarketing and eComercio Agrario.

Decco solutions to extend the commercial life of citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are very susceptible to rot caused by fungi that attack the fruit in various stages of its cultivation. Spain is among the main producers and exporters of citrus fruits worldwide and one of the great problems that this sector suffers are the numerous economic losses derived from postharvest diseases.