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New Holland abril

It is already available in its digital version and downloadable in PDF editionN. 7 of the fruit Descarga aquí PDFand vegetable magazine Descarga aquí PDFeCA Fruits, edited by SIETE Agromarketing and eComercio Agrario.

This edition presents an interesting interview with Silvia de Juanes, Communication Director in Spain and Latin America of Fruit Logística, where she analyzes the role that this fair has played in the development of the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector.

Without a doubt, the opening of the Chinese market for Spanish table grapes will be a before and after for this sector, an aspect that we also address in this edition.

The internationalization of the berries sector is another theme developed by Cristóbal Picón, President of the Sectorial Cooperatives Agroalimentarias de Huelva.


An increase in production over last season, weather adversity, the delay in the maturation of the fruit and overlap of our varieties with those of third countries have been the perfect ingredients to make a cocktail that has been bitter for the Spanish citrus sector in this first part of the campaign marked. All analyzed in our Special Dossier.

These and many other topics of interest, available only one Click.

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