DAYMSA, a perfect ally for the citrus sector

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DAYMSA offers a complete program of soil improvers, biostimulants, biocontrol products and deficiency correctors that improve the production, quality and caliber of citrus fruits.

Intense day that took place on Wednesday, April 10 at the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training and Fisheries of the Junta de Andalucía (IFAPA), at its headquarters in Campanillas (Malaga), where the company DAYMSA presented its latest solutions for a complete and successful management of the main pests and diseases of citrus fruits.

The presentation, which was carried out by its marketing director Eitan Martín, was part of a technical conference where technical specialists from the IFAPA and the ICIA of the Canary Islands, presented studies carried out mainly on the Trioza erytreae, vector of the causative bacterium. HLB disease, as well as other pests and diseases that currently affect citrus.

During the conference, Eitan Martín presented several unique solutions of the DAYMSA Group, and the results have been contrasted in many cases after studies carried out by IFAPA itself: “We have our own and specific catalog for the citrus sector, where five solutions stand out that offer important competitive advantages for producers. These are Naturvital®Plus, Naturamin®WSP, and Cytoplant®400, Kelpak® and Retenol®, Martin declared at the beginning of his presentation.

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As one of the star products of DAYMSA, Eitan Martín highlighted Naturamin®WSP

The management recommended by DAYMSA is based on soil improvers to improve structure and fertility, biostimulants to reduce stress situations and increase productivity, and specialties to improve the quality of foliar applications.



As one of the star products of DAYMSA, Eitan Martín highlighted Naturamin®WSP. It is a formula designed to increase the overall physiological activity of plants. “It is a unique product, for its content and its effect on the crop,” said Martin, who also added the characteristics of this biostimulant instant microgranules solubility, total physical compatibility, easy handling and transport and high efficiency (fast and effective ).

Its benefits include its anti-stress, bio-stimulant, energy saving, Carrier effect, nutritional contribution and quality improvement. As noted, Naturamin®WSP is suitable for organic farming.

Researchers from IFAPA presented the trials carried out with Naturamin WSP to reduce salinity stress in citrus seedlings

Another solution presented was Cytoplant®400. It is a natural biostimulant with cytochemical action, whose objective is the stimulation of cell division processes, and thus achieve a greater number of cells in the organs of formation. With this, Cytoplant®400 helps to obtain, in sensitive citrus varieties, a greater number of commercial fruits and allows to improve the size, as showed the results shown in W. Murcott of Chile.

Kelpak®, is a natural biostimulant of auxinic action, coming from an algae (Ecklonia maximum), which promotes the development of root system in young plantations, and in trees in production, applied in flowering, favors the elongation of the pollen tube and with it fruit set

Soil improvers

Within this group, DAYMSA presented Naturvital®Plus recommended to improve soil structure and the effectiveness of mineral fertilizers: “We achieved 35% more exportable product by an increase in quality and size in citrus,” explained Eitan Martín .


As a specialty to improve the quality of foliar applications, DAYMSA offers the Retenol® sector. It is a fixative, retainer and anti drift essential to gain effectiveness and efficiency in foliar applications. It is recommended to mix with the spray liquors, improving the adhesion of the broth and increasing the resistance to washing.

Days of IFAPA

This presentation was the highlight of an intense day where researchers from the IFAPA and the ICIA of the Canary Islands, presented important advances in the detection and control of pests such as Trioza erytreae, vector of the bacterium that causes HLB; of the Diaspinos (white and red louse of California), as well as the Xylella fastidiosa and the Dry Evil of citrus fruits.

Researchers from IFAPA presented the trials carried out with Naturamin WSP to reduce salinity stress in citrus plants.

Really interesting were the ICIA presentations from the Canary Islands, where Estrella Hernández and Felipe Sivero, described the situation of the Trioza erytreae vector in the archipelago, which has been present since 2002. “We are carrying out a classical biological control program with the introduction from South Africa of a parasitoid, whose breeding began in 2017 and released in 2018.

The results are really good, so we are waiting for the authorization of the Ministry to make these releases in the Peninsula and thus avoid the entry of the vector, which already extends into Portugal and is barely 190 km from the plantations of Citrus of Huelva “, said Estrella Hernández.


DAYMSA is today the first European producer of Leonardite, an amazing mineral that acts as a soil improver due to its high humic acid content.

The company is present in more than 45 countries, and has 5 subsidiaries in South America (Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Peru).

The key to the activity of DAYMSA is the research of new products and the development of them to achieve a high level of quality. It is also a priority to study the application of these new products through adjusted and accurate field trials in a wide variety of crops.

In 2016, DAYMSA received the stamp of Innovative SME, granted by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain, which rewards Daymsa’s research work and innovative character within a highly competitive and continuously evolving sector. A large part of DAYMSA’s products are natural and of vegetable origin.