The agri-food sector meets in Mercamadrid at the III AGRO Women Awards

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Next Tuesday, 13 of april, the delivery of the III AGRO Women Awards will take place in Madrid, in a hybrid format. Mercamadrid welcomes the delivery of the III Awards in a tribute to the work of women and men who in this health crisis are at the forefront, betting on serving the consumer.

Mujer AGROSiete Agromarketing and eComercio Agrario will deliver the III AGRO Woman Awards (#mujerAGRO / www.mujeragro.es) on teh 13 of april in Madrid, in a hybrid event: face-to-face under invitation and with all security measures; and online with live broadcasting through the Siete Agromarketing YouTube channel, and with wide coverage in the different Social Media profiles of Siete Agromarketing, eComercio Agrario and MujerAGRO.

An event that will  bring together companies, men and women from different areas of the agri-food sector, to value that equality is everyone’s task, and that together we must continue to advance towards the visibility of agro-professional women.

The place chosen for the award ceremony of these III Awards is Mercamadrid, the nerve center for the agri-food sector, where horticultural, livestock and fishery products converge, the gateway to export, and the main European marketing channel. Mercamadrid, within the framework of its commitment and values, joins this project for equality.

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In this way, the delivery of these awards will be a tribute and boost to the work of women and men who in this health crisis have been and are at the forefront, betting on serving the consumer.


The Assembly Hall of theMercamadrid Administrative Center will host this hybrid event that will be led by Sandra Sutherland, RTVE agri-food journalist.

In this act, the decision of the Jury will be made public, whose deliberation took place on the 3 of december 2020, and where the quality of the projects presented in this third edition of the awards was evident.


Prior to the delivery of the awards, we will be able to attend a previous gathering under the slogan “Equality Policies: advertising claim or real awareness”, where the different participants will make known, and value, the measures and lines of action that in favor of equal opportunities between women and men are carried out in the companies.

The gathering will have speakers of recognized prestige in agri-food matters, aware of the needs to increase equality in their companies.

After this debate, the 5 awards will be presented whose the following categories:

  • WOMAN AGRO Woman Award
  • WOMAN AGRO Entrepreneurship Award
  • WOMAN AGRO Company Award
  • WOMAN AGRO Man Award
  • WOMAN AGRO Youth Award

MujerAGRO Awards in Hybrid Format

Due to the current health situation derived from Covid-19, the delivery of the III AGRO Woman Awards will take place under a hybrid format, as happened with the IV Agro Woman Forum, held in September 2020 in Valencia.

The event will be by invitation, and will be limited to candidates, sponsoring companies, institutions, members of the jury and the organization. All this under strict control of assistance and sanitary measures.

In the same way, and under the strictest standards in terms of its realization, the event will be broadcast in streaming, through the Siete Agromarketing YouTube channel, with prior registration. Broadcast that will be completed with extensive coverage through social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN).

 For online assistance: https://form.jotform.com/SieteAgromarketing/premios-mujer-agro

The event can also be followed through the RRSS under the hasthag #PremiosMujerAGRO and #MujerAGRO.

In this way, we guarantee the widest possible diffusion and give continuity to events within the agri-food sector, a sector that has demonstrated its commitment to society at the present time and has not stopped its activity for a second.

For those interested in attending in person, please send an email to mujeragro@sieteagromarketing.com

Diversity of agri-food sectors

In this 2020 edition, a total of 19 projects have been presented, divided into the five candidatures that currently make up these awards: Women, Entrepreneurship, Business, Men and Youth.

In this III edition of the awards, the members of the Jury wanted to highlight the high quality of all the candidatures presented, the representativeness of all the agri-food sector, as well as the geographic diversity of the field of action of the candidatures, a fact that reveals the importance and the impact these awards are taking.

The AGRO Women Awards, together with the rest of the actions of the AGRO Women Project, under their slogan Equality is everyone’s task, they intend to continue visualizing women and companies that work for agri-food equality, because the sector is demanding more and more enterprising and professional women.

Jury of the highest level in Women AGRO

The jury of the AGRO Women Awards is made up of representatives of recognized entities within the agri-food sector, endorsing the seriousness and impartiality in this act of deliberation: Gissele Falcón, CEO of Siete Agromarketing and eComercio Agrario, Jorge Jordana, Patron Director of the Agrifood Area of the LAFER Foundation, Victoria Moreno, Deputy Vice-president of the Scientific – Technical Area of ​​the CSIC, Jerónima Bonafé, president of the Association of Women of Agro-Food Cooperatives of Spain and AMCAE and Vice-president of the Women’s Working Group of COPA-COGECA, Nuria Martínez , Director of the Association for the Promotion of the Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables “5 a Day”, Eduardo Cotillas, Director of R + D + i of the Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries (FIAB), Mª Jesús Villamide, Deputy Director of Practices, Employability and Internationalization of the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering (Polytechnic University of Madrid), Nuria Arribas, General Director of the Lactea Interprofessional Organization (INLAC), and Mª Cruz Díaz, President of the National Association of Agricultural Engineers, an entity that has joined the Jury in this edition.