Women´s Forum

Women´s Forum is born, a space to advance leadership and balance in the agri-food sector

Organized by Fruit Attraction and Siete Agromarketing, two virtual…

Delivered the II Women Agro Awards

Blanca Torrent, Grupo Carinsa, Greencobi, Eloy Requena and Úrsula Sánchez strengthen their visibility and empowerment with the II Women Agro Awards.

Cajamar, Onubafruit, Compo Expert and MSD Animal Health, companies for the equality of Agro Women

Siete Agromarketig y eComercio Agrario harán entrega de los II Premios Mujer Agro el próximo día 29 de enero en Madrid, en un evento patrocinado por Cajamar, Onubafruit, Compo Expert y MSD Animal Health.

Professionalization and empowerment, the winners of the Women AGRO Awards 2019

The name of the people and companies awarded will be made public at the awards ceremony, on January 23.

Towards a cross-cutting approach to Organic Agriculture

The Cuadernillo de la Tertulia BusinessAGRO Marketing and Profitability in Organic Agriculture, held on July 3, in Carlet (Valencia) is now available in digital and downloadable PDF version.

New Edition of Women Agro Awards 2019

Siete Agromarketing, a leading communication and marketing agency in the agri-food sector, and eComercio Agrario, a newspaper of national and international political and economic information, convene the II Edition of the 'WOMEN AGRO Awards' 2019, promoting equal opportunities in the value chain and agrifood industry.

Organic farming demands a transversal vision of its activity

Mª Teresa Cháfer Nácher, General Director of Rural Development and PAC of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition of the Generalitat Valenciana has inaugurated the Tertulia #BusinessAGRO Marketing and Profitability of Ecological Agriculture.

Carlet hosts the Tertulia #BusinessAGRO on Commercialization and Ecological Profitability

The meeting will take place on July 3, in Carlet (Valencia), where experts in production, marketing, supplies, public administrations and private entities will show us the main guidelines to achieve a profitable organic production adapted to the new demands of the consumers.

Comercial Química Massó sponsors the BusinessAGRO Tertulia on Ecological Agriculture

The Comercial Química Massó company joins as sponsor this #BusinessAGRO Tertulia about Marketing and Profitability in Organic Agriculture, which will take place next July 3 in Carlet (Valencia).

Bombal highlights Spain’s efforts to include the gender perspective in the CAP

It shows the will of the Government to promote transversal and sectoral policies that combat inequalities, gender and territory.