Professionalization and empowerment, the winners of the Women AGRO Awards 2019

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The jury, composed of representatives of institutions of recognized prestige in the sector, has highlighted the high quality of the candidates, with clear examples of the projection of agro-professional women.

The December 19, the jury meeting for the deliberation of the II Women AGRO Awards 2019 at the LAFER Foundation took place, a meeting where the projection and entrepreneurship of the Spanish agri-food fabric for real equality was revealed. visibility and the empowerment of agro-professional women and the professionalization of rural women.

These awards are part of MUJER AGRO, a project created in 2017 by Siete Agromarketing and eComercio Agrario to visualize equal opportunities in the agri-food sector and promote, dialogue and raise awareness about the role of professional women in this agrifood industry and throughout the agroindustrial value chain.

The act of deliberation began with the welcome of the President of the LAFER Foundation, Manuel Lamela Fernández, who stressed that “if the agri-food sector has a future, driven by women much more, and these awards are a clear example of the potential of women who Today they make up this sector. ” Lamela was grateful that this jury meeting was held at the headquarters of the Foundation, confirming its support for the AGRO Woman Project and congratulating its organizing entities, Seven Agromarketing and eComercio Agrario, “for the various projects that make up this initiative today transverse, which seeks the empowerment and visibility of agro-professional women throughout the entire value chain. ”


For his part, Gisséle Falcón, General Director of Seven Agromarketing and eComercio Agrario has thanked the jurors for their involvement and dedication in these awards, making public the date of delivery of the II AGRO Women Awards 2019: next January 23 of 2020.

The General Director of Siete Agromarketing and eComercio Agrario took the opportunity to present the new AGRO Woman actions, among which the AGRO Women Spaces, thematic and training meetings for the agricultural women; and CIT AGRO, (Science Technology Agro) a project for the promotion and impulse to opt for engineering careers from equality for students of the last courses.

 Quality and commitment to equality

In this edition of 2019, whose deadline for the presentation of candidacies was open last July ending on November 21, a total of 18 projects have been submitted, divided into the five candidacies that currently make up these awards (Women, Entrepreneurship, Company, Man and Youth, the latter has been a novelty in this edition).

The delivery of the II Women Awards AGRO 2019 will take place on January 23 in Madrid

The jury, in an intense day of debate and deliberation, has highlighted the high quality of all nominations submitted, professionalization and empowerment, in addition to the involvement of women, men and companies for real equality in the agri-food sector, for projects Innovative and heroic led by women and men.

The name of the people and companies awarded will be made public at the awards ceremony, on January 23.

Top Level Jury

The jury of the Women AGRO Awards is composed of representatives of recognized entities within the agri-food sector, endorsing the seriousness and impartiality in this act of deliberation: Gissele Falcón, General Director of Seven Agromarketing, Jorge Jordana, Patron Director of the Foundation’s Agrifood Area LAFER, Victoria Moreno, Deputy Vice President of the Scientific Area – Techniques of the CSIC, Jerónima Bonafé, president of the Association of Agro-Food Cooperatives of Spain and AMCAE, Nuria Martínez, Director of the Association for the Promotion of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption “5 al Día ”, Eduardo Cotillas, Director of R&D of the Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries (FIAB), Mª Jesús Villamide, Deputy Director of Practices, Employability and Internationalization of the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering (University Polytechnic of Madrid) and Nuria Arribas, General Director of Organization I nterprofessional Milky.

Delivery Gala

The presentation ceremony of the II Women Agro Awards will take place on January 23, and will be preceded by a Tertulia / Debate, under the title: Undertake in Spain emptied: a challenge of Agro Women, under the BusinessAGRO format, driven by agrifood journalists and with a gender perspective.

This event can be followed through the USSR with the hasthag #MujerAGRO.

AGRO Woman Project

Women AGRO is an innovative and unique project that drives agro-professional women to empowerment and rural women to professionalization. The creation of is the annual awards are part of the set of initiatives developed by #mujerAGRO (www.mujeragro.es) to value the empowerment of women in the positions of responsibility of organizations, associations and cooperatives, as well as in business administration councils and economic groups.

The Agro Woman project continues to grow since its launch in 2017, with actions that consolidate in training and raising awareness about the importance of making visible and empowering agro-professional women through Forums, its website (www.mujeragro.es ), RRSS, Awards, ESPACIO MUJER AGRO (a thematic training space for agricultural women) and CIT AGRO (Agro Technology Science) for the promotion and impulse to opt for engineering careers from equality for students of the last courses.