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The Irrigation Platform expects the new concessions to be a reality

The Platform in Defense of Irrigation of the County has shown the concern of the sector of the red fruits by the lack of water, reason why it continues working intensely to make possible his arrival. Thus, he has indicated that he hopes that the water of the 318 hectares and other underground concessions will be a reality to face the new agricultural campaign.

Isla Bonita begins the 2019 Lima National campaign

The tropical and exotic fruit brand of Grupo Eurobanan, starts with the national lime campaign, predicting to distribute between 500,000 and 700,000 Kgs of Tahiti lime, grown in the southeast of the peninsula. The decrease in volume in kg and size of the fruit with respect to the previous year, is due to the late flowering of the crops, due to the delayed entry of spring in 2019.

The meat sector, committed to sustainable production and a varied diet

The Spanish meat sector reaffirms its commitment to the improvement of the environment, the reduction of greenhouse gases and the safety and quality of its productions, while continuing to work for a varied and balanced diet, within the framework of the Diet Mediterranean, which includes all food groups in the guidelines for healthy consumption recommended by the scientific community.