3rd Report on the spanish lemon crop of the 2020/2021 season

New Holland abril

VERNA Lemon production is estimated at 343,000 tonnes.

The third AILIMPO lemon crop estimate for the 2020/2021 season confirms the figures published in the September report, and forecasts a total production estimate of 1,290,000 tonnes, broken down into 947,000 tonnes of Fino lemons and 343,000 tonnes of Verna lemons.


The FINO lemon season will continue to develop in the first four months of 2021, although with a significant reduction in commercial quality fruit available, despite the total volume of available crop on the tree.



The forecast points to a harvest of 343,000 tonnes in 2021, which would mean a very similar volume to that of the 2020 campaign with marketing starting from the month of May, which will allow Spain to consolidate itself as a reference supplier in Europe during the summer, with quality, sustainable lemon and excellent service.

In relation to processing, it is estimated that more than 25% of the harvest is destined for processing, an activity in which Spain is in 2nd place in the world ranking, with a wide range of juices, essential oil and dehydrated peel.

In addition, the GlobalGAP and GRASP certifications are key elements this season as part of the interprofessional’s strategy to differentiate this spanish fruit and to promote sustainable production with a triple focus: economic, environmental and social.