Spanish producers work to develop a healthier oil

Spanish producers and scientific entities are working to develop…

“Spain should continue to foster the close relationship it has with the United States”

Belonging to a family saga dedicated to olive oil for decades, Joseph R. Profaci has been the executive director of NAOOA for three years.

Producing 69% of the world’s production, the EU is the largest producer of olive oil

For producing Member States, the EU framework for conformity checks effectively contributed to improve the quality of the products on the market and to reduce the prevalence of fraudulent practices

The “Xylella fastidiosa” that attacks in Europe comes from the US

An international group of researchers, led by CSIC, has discovered that Xylella Fastidiosa has the origin in United States.

EU approves private storage of olive oil

Four consecutive tenders are established that will allow storing the necessary quantities until the rebalancing of the olive oil market is achieved.

Andalusia expects 32.7% less oil production this campaign

The Andalusian capacity provides for a production of 983,600 tons of olive oil, 32.7% less than last season.

The EC authorizes private storage for olive oil

The commissioner has announced the imminent presentation of a proposed regulation for the opening of a measure to help private storage of olive oil, to help adjust the offer.

The Spanish olive sector exports oil and machinery

Spanish olive oil belongs to a sector that is at the heart of the economy, culture, cuisine and the global image of Spain.

Aceites de Oliva de España promotes a digital campaign to reach new markets

A campaign in digital media with a duration of one year. Try to enhance the image of our oils, also linking them to our cuisine, culture and lifestyle in the United States, Japan and China.

The EC asks Spain for information to advance oil self-regulation

In relation to market developments, a balance has been made on July 31 and, with data still provisional, on August 31.