Sales of Jerez vinegar grow 9%, maintaining its upward trend

New Holland abril

Sherry vinegar continues its unstoppable rise as evidenced by the sales of this seasoning, which accumulate a 9% increase over the same period of the previous year. The national and French markets account for more than 80% of total consumption.

This upward trend is supported by previous campaigns, as the year 2016 was a record sales, surpassing 5 million liters, 11% more sales than in 2015

After several years of ups and downs due to the recession of consumption that accompanied the economic crisis, Jerez vinegar is once again coming to fruition thanks to the pull of gastronomy and the prestige of the product covered by the Jerez Denomination of Origin both among the professionals of the kitchen and as in the homes.

In the breakdown of sales, Spain (+ 9%: 1,196,294 liters from January to June) remains the main market for Jerez vinegar followed closely by France. Both countries consume over 80% of sales.


Exports recorded an 8% increase, with the leading French market closing the first half of the year with an increase of 5% (1,125,293 liters)

The United States, on the other hand, is consolidated as the third destination of Jerez vinegar, in this case the bottling at origin that generates greater added value.

North America left a total of 223,823 liters between January and June, representing a spectacular increase of 71%

First wine vinegar with DO

Sherry vinegar is the first wine vinegar with Denomination of Origin of Spain. Unique dressing and exceptional quality, high aromatic concentration and versatility have earned it the current status of condiment star of the universal gastronomy.

A few drops of Sherry vinegar are enough to transform any dish into a true celebration for the senses. Its acidity, which gives it a unique potential to enhance the taste of food, adds a whole range of nuances that reveal its distinguished origin and artisan elaboration.

Sherry’s vinegar is, therefore, much more than an appreciated condiment. It is a unique, inimitable product whose identity is the result of its own history and particular origin. It was born from the wines of the Marco de Jerez, noble wines par excellence of which inherits its genuine qualities, inherited from a deep wine tradition that dates back three thousand years.

Source: CRDO Vinagre de Jerez