Chile: ASOEX starts its first fruit promotional campaign in Madrid in an airport

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The Association of Fruit Exporters of Chile AG (ASOEX) starts today, August 14th, in Madrid and until next September 14th, the first promotional campaign of Chilean fruits in an airport, taking advantage of the fact that Chile is in full export season of apples, kiwis and pears, fruits that will be the perfect snack in the restaurants of Madrid Airport. Together with the promotion of the consumption of Chilean fruits as healthy snacks, this activity seeks to expand distribution channels.

This promotional action, which aims to encourage knowledge, positioning and consumption of Chilean fruit, characterized by its food safety and quality, is organized by ASOEX, together with ProChile. According to ASOEX President Ronald Bown, “our fruit is always looking for new distribution channels, and the Madrid-Barajas Airport is a very good opportunity to reach a varied audience in ages, gender, professions, etc. In addition, what better than to be received by a snack of fresh and healthy Chilean fruits, before or after a trip ?, without doubt, there is nothing better and healthier.

The actions will be carried out between August 14th and September 14th of this year, and aim to encourage knowledge, positioning and consumption of Chilean fruit, characterized by its food safety and quality

“We believe airports are an important platform to promote our fruits and we are excited about the outcome of these actions. We are sure that these will be very positive and that we will succeed. We believe this initiative and could be extended to other products, even at larger airports within Europe”, Bown adds.

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This is a pilot campaign, being the first time that the Chilean fruits are promoted in an airport of Spain or the world

According to statistics from AENA (the first airport operator in the world in terms of number of passengers and manager of Spanish airport), in 2016 Spain ranked as the third most visited destination worldwide, receiving 75.3 million tourists and reaching for the fourth time consecutive record in number of passengers. During the past year, Madrid-Barajas Airport registered 50.4 million travelers.

Healthy snacks in cafes and restaurants

The Airport Food Service operator describes this initiative as the first generic fruit promotion carried out at the airport facility. So apples, kiwis and pears will be touted in cafes and self-service restaurants as a good snack or snack for travel, such as a healthy dessert or a impulse purchase.

Depending on the outcome of this pilot, a second round of promotions for peaches, blueberries or cherries from Chile, will take place once they start their respective seasons, year-end

“In the future our Chilean fruit industry position itself increasingly as a convenient and healthy snack through an ever wider range of distribution channels”, says Charif Christian Carvajal, Marketing Director for Europe and Asia ASOEX. “This airport promotion is a good first step towards that goal and exemplifies the determination of our industry to promote the Chilean fruit as a direct snack to the consumer,” he added.

The professional indicates that Chile is continuously analyzing the potential of new distribution channels, especially those that offer a greater impact in terms of consumption. In addition, the Chilean industry wants to encourage the consumption of fresh Chilean fruit as an ideal snack, fast and healthy. In the words of Carvajal, “the airport has it all, millions of passengers pass through Madrid-Barajas every year, coming from Europe, Latin America and Asia, especially. From August to September is the vacation period of colleges and universities and therefore, a period with even more people traveling”.

“An airport is a great channel through which we can segment and promote the Chilean fruit between people and families who have time in their hands to enjoy a fast and healthy snack,” he concludes.


Actions and exports

In all restaurants, apples, kiwis and Chilean pears will be advertised on the digital screens of the menus, as well as posters and fruit baskets at check-out, showing the “Fruits From Chile” brand, accompanied by the Small penguin from Humboldt, the famous mascot of Chile, to capture the interest of the children, since the action will be focused on the whole family.

During the weekends from August 18th to 19th and from August 23th to 25th, the promoters dressed in a uniform of “Fruits of Chile” will provide passengers with information leaflets in English and Spanish. The brochure will also encourage travelers to access more information by downloading the new application ‘Chilean Fruits’, available through Google Play or AppStore.

Chile will promote this pilot action through its “Fruits from Chile” accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and You Tube. In addition, the airport operator and food service will support the campaign through its own social networks and newsletters

During the 2015-16 season, Chile exported 2,503,469 tons of fresh fruit to the world, according to data from ASOEX. Of this total, 549,210 tonnes were shipped to Europe, including 37,503 tonnes to Spain, of which kiwi accounted for 25.1% of the volume, apples 22.7%, table grapes 15%, avocados 14.7%, lemons 10.5% And other fruits 12.1%.


Source: ASOEX