The apple and pear season starts with the challenges of a greater boost to consumption and export

CASE Ih – New Holland

This season of seed fruit in Europe is presented with a predicted harvest slightly lower in apples (-3%) and pears (-9%) than in the recent congress Prognosfruit have highlighted the need to work to boost their exports and consumption, 3.5% less in recent years, in the case of apples.  Following this fruit, the focus on differential values, as in the case of varieties of quality and organic production, is also emerging as a way to preserve the production of geopolitical factors such as Russian veto or increases in production in third countries.

According to the report provided by the Business Association of Fruit of Catalonia (Afrucat), the 2016 campaign in Europe apple and pear is presented with a fruit quality and minimum stocks in the chambers. Despite this slight optimism about the development of the campaign 2016 of seed fruit, we must not forget that the sector in general still faces a difficult geopolitical situation, with the closure of the Russian market, the loss of purchasing power of the population and unknown representing the British market with Brexit, which will increase the pressure on prices due to the devaluation of the currency.

The Prognosfruit Congress, where there have been forecasts of harvest seed fruit and this year was held in Hamburg, has emphasized especially the importance of a good start focusing in boosting consumer campaign, considering that in recent years Europe has lost 3.5% of apple consumption. In contrast, the pear, whose consumption had also declined in the last decade has increased by 0.6% in the 2016 campaign.

Another recommendation of specialists in the Congress points to the need to work on increasing exports from the beginning of the campaign, given the overall increase in exports apple in Asian countries and the Middle East strategies.

Continental Int Noticia

In apples, another point to consider is the behavior of the production of the club varieties and organic production, with slow growth, but sustained that do not affect the Russian embargo or production increases in Poland. In apple, the main producing countries maintain their forecasts, with the exception of France which speaks of a fall of 7%. In contrast, in pear, lower production is widespread, except for the Dutch production tha is maintained.

Forecasts on apple

The forecast of European harvest in apple this year 2016, includes a decrease of 3% over the previous year and an increase of 1% compared to the average of the last three years. Total production is estimated at 12.005 million tons, according to data provided by the 21 major producing countries of the EU.

manzano As for the main varieties, Golden Delicious will decrease by 7% its production being of 2,364,000 t. Gala for a decline, particularly, 4%, is also expected reaching 1,329,000 t. Production variety Idared down 6%, with 1,064,000 t., While the Red Delicious a slight decrease (2%), 33,000 t expected. On the other hand, the new varieties (varietals Clubs), is expected to increase 14%, with a production of 530.000t.

One thing to note of campaign this year have been the intense frost, which affected central Europe, particularly Slovenia, Austria, and part of Croatia and Hungary. The main changes in the Northern Hemisphere have been in Canada (+ 24%), Turkey (+ 16%), USA (+ 12%) and Russia (+ 2%), while a decrease in production is expected in Mexico ( -16%) and Switzerland (-5%). Apple production in Belarus will be equal to the previous year and the Ukraine shows an increase of 1%.

Figures in pear

Regarding the harvest of pears, global production forecasts are 2.170.000t., Representing a decrease of 9% compared to last year and the same percentage decrease from the last three years. This figure refers to the production of 19 countries major producing countries pears in EU
peralAs for the main varieties in pear, is expected that the Conference variety falls in production by 5%, to 918,000t. The production of the variety Abate Fetel also decreases, namely 13%, reaching 229,000 tons, and pear William is expected to fall by 11% to reach 252,000 tons. On the other hand, the forecast harvest in the northern hemisphere points to an increase in production compared to the previous year, in countries such as China (+ 6%), Turkey (+ 5%) and Ukraine (+ 2%) . In contrast, a decrease is expected in the US production (-3%), Switzerland (-16%) and Belarus (-1%).

Source: Afrucat