The Spanish harvest of Apple will increase this year by 14% and that of Pera by 4%

Apple production in Spain will be 13.87% higher this year than last season, while Pera also increases, but in a more modest figure, + 4.33%. Frosts in the main production areas have been very localized and, in general, the fruit has had a correct evolution, with a good flowering.

The apple and pear of Catalonia surpass the quotations of the past campaign, by the descent of production in Europe

The selling prices of the apple and pear are above the prices of last season, due to the productive decline experienced by pip fruit throughout Europe during the current season. Despite the optimistic figures and the correct valuation of the campaign, the Managing Director of Afrucat, Manel Simon, affirms that "we must not get distracted and trust, but we must maintain this fluidity of sales to eliminate camera stocks" .

Citrosol will showcase the latest and most sustainable post-harvest technology at its Fruit Attraction stand

Citrosol is dressed in green at the next edition of the Fruit Attration, which takes place from 18thth to 20 October in Madrid, to present three new post-harvest products at its stand: a new coating for the transport of long-distance citrus fruits with excellent characteristics : Citrusol Sunseal® UE; a new product for citrus rot control: CitroPyr®, and an innovative kits technology that is used to perform on-site waste analysis of treated fruit, treatment broths and additive waxes: Easy kit®.

Chile: ASOEX starts its first fruit promotional campaign in Madrid in an airport

The Association of Fruit Exporters of Chile AG (ASOEX) starts today, August 14th, in Madrid and until next September 14th, the first promotional campaign of Chilean fruits in an airport, taking advantage of the fact that Chile is in full export season of apples, kiwis and pears, fruits that will be the perfect snack in the restaurants of Madrid Airport. Together with the promotion of the consumption of Chilean fruits as healthy snacks, this activity seeks to expand distribution channels.

Manel Simon: “China is a great opportunity if you work with rigor and prudence”

The production of fresh fruit is one of the pillars for the internationalization of Catalan agri-food sector, whose autonomous region lies between the main producing areas of fresh fruit in Europe, holding fourth place in world production of pear and twentieth that of Apple. With Manel Simon, CEO of the Business Association of Fruit of Catalonia (Afrucat) we talk about issues that concern the future of the sector as the TTIP, exports to third countries or the potential of the Chinese market.

The apple and pear season starts with the challenges of a greater boost to consumption and export

This season of fruit seed in Europe is presented with a predicted harvest slightly lower in apples (-3%) and pears (-9%) than in the recent congress Prognosfruit have highlighted the need to work to boost their exports and consumption, 3.5% less in recent years, in the case of apples. Following this fruit, the focus on differential values, as in the case of varieties of quality and organic production, is also emerging as a way to preserve the production of geopolitical factors such as Russian veto or increases in production in third countries.

AgroFresh brings fresh air to Sudamerica

AgroFresh, a company originated in Philadelphia, which has won awards in Spain, Belgium, France, China and recent winner the 2015 Sustainability Award from Rabo Bank opens its doors to the producers of the Southern Cone. Building on more than 15 years of experience in enhancing fruit freshness, quality and value, AgroFresh Solutions Inc. will soon offer its advanced technologies to countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

Spain: Afrucat communicates quality domestic pear and apple

The Business Association of Fruit of Catalonia (Afrucat) has launched a communication campaign that aims to inform the consumer the different characteristics of the apples and pears which includes the association as well as the natural and flavor of the product so activating consumption.

Pro Event Calendar

Interpera 2020. Rotterdam

INTERPERA, the International Pear Congress will take place from June 23 to 25, 2020 in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

PROGNOSFRUIT, World Conference on Apple and Pear. Lleida (Catalonia)

From 9th to 11th August, the capital of Lleida hosts the 40th edition of the World Conference on Apple and Pear, PROGNOSFRUIT, in charge of the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA). Co-organizer the Business Association of the Fruit of Catalonia (Afrucat).