MAPAMA will convene a working group to agree on measures against the structural crisis of the stone fruit


At the beginning of October, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA) will convene a broad working group to agree on a package of measures aimed at unlocking the structural problems affecting the bone and pome fruit sector, according to the director general of Productions and Agricultural Markets, Fernando Miranda, during a meeting held on August 4th with representatives of the fruit and vegetable sector, to analyze the difficulties of the campaign of fruit of bone.

During the meeting, the representatives of the sector highlighted the difficulties with this campaign, with contributions below the average of previous campaigns

Faced with this situation, Miranda explained that, since the Ministry, the European Commission has already been asked to increase the amounts allocated to Spain under the regulation of exceptional measures. Measures that came into force last July, which are a continuation of those approved at the community level on the occasion of the Russian veto.

Mindful of the structural nature of the problems affecting the sector, Miranda has urged producer organizations to use the withdrawal quota for juice processing, still not consumed, of almost 8,000 tonnes from the operational programs. It has also called on all industry representatives to urge producer organizations to maximize the use of their operational programs to speed up product withdrawals and to help alleviate, as soon as possible, the situation that is being raised in the production areas.

Source: MAPAMA


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