Vicente del Bosque is named Solidarity Ambassador of the “El Aceite de la Vida” program

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Vicente del Bosque, the former coach of the Spanish national team, has been named Solidarity Ambassador of the program “The Oil of Life”, in an act that was chaired by the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina .

In her speech, the minister congratulated the Lumière Foundation for the initiative of the “Olivos Solidarios” project, and thanked her for having chosen olive groves and olive oil as tools to support the social programs of the NGO partners, in addition to the social and cultural initiatives of the Lumière Foundation itself.

García Tejerina has pointed out that sponsorship is always an act of generosity and a sign of protection to the living being that sponsors.

In the case of the olive grove, besides being a heritage of great value, it constitutes an eminently social crop that contributes to the vertebration of the territory and provides a food of high nutritional and healthy value. He also stressed that the preservation of olive groves is essential in the fight against climate change.

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On the other hand, the minister stressed that the election of Vicente del Bosque as Solidarity Ambassador “has been unbeatable”, for his excellent career and sporting record, emblematic image of professionalism and good mood, model of values ​​and principles that enjoys the greater international recognition, and that is clearly identified with our country .


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