Olive Oils of Spain starts a cycle of Healthy Dialogues

New Holland abril

Dozens of Spanish research groups have for years been making significant contributions on the effects of diet on health, paying particular attention to olive oil and the Mediterranean diet. Studies have shown that this is a staple in any balanced diet.

Analyze these developments and share them with the medical community is the goal it has set Olive Oils of Spain, the Interprofessional Spanish Olive Oil, through the initiative Dialogues Saludables.Para achieve this goal, Olive Oils of Spain will feature Spanish scientists of international renown in various fields of medicine and nutrition as Doctors Ramon Estruch, Eduard Escrich, José María Ordovás, Jordi Salas, Emilio Ros and Antonio Escribano, among others.

During the next three months five meetings in Madrid, Seville, Bilbao, Santiago de Compostela and Barcelona were held to disseminate the results of research conducted to date: “Olive oil and cardiovascular diseases” in Madrid, October 7 ; “Olive and longer life expectancy” in Seville, October 21; “Olive and control of obesity” in Bilbao, November 4; “Olive oils and lifestyle” in Santiago de Compostela, November 18, and “olive and fight against cancer”, in Barcelona, ​​2 December.

Each informative day will be led by a scientific reference in its field, accompanied by various leading figures (nutritionists-dietitians, athletes and journalists) to tell their personal experiences with the theme of the event.


The format chosen will be a talking shop in which starting from a popular science context, dialogue between the speakers and the audience is encouraged. Spanish television journalist Beatriz Perez Aranda will be the host of different events.

The series is aimed at both health professionals and all those concerned to increase their knowledge about the benefits of olive oil and a healthy diet. They can get more information and register at the web www.dialogossaludables.com.

Against the obesity epidemic

The president of the Interprofessional Olive Oil, Pedro Barato, stressed that “the experts have for years been warning that suffer a real epidemic of obesity and linked to eating habits and life far from the Mediterranean Diet diseases. We advocate a return to a healthier diet. And for this we rely on cutting-edge research has shown that olive oils have very beneficial effects on health. ”

This action has the sponsorship of the International Olive Council (IOC) and in collaboration with various institutions: Obra Social “la Caixa” in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Caja Rural de Jaen, Caja Rural del Sur, Caja Rural de Granada, Globalcaja and Caja Rural de Navarra, in Seville and Bilbao