The roe of Barbate, at the point of having their own geographic certification

CASE Ih – New Holland

On September 5th international claims submission period closed. It is the latest step in the long road of the roe of Barbate to have its own IGP (Protected Geographical Indication). The Andalusian Association of Manufacturers of Salt, Smoked and other primary processed Fisheries has been in charge of managing the process. “We still have no official confirmation, but it is likely that there are no obstacles, and we will soon have the publication in the official journal of the EU,” said Manuel Becerra, president of the organization, told Agrarian e-Commerce during his visit to the fair Andalucia Sabor on 14 September.

The process began in 2012, when the association headed by Becerra began collecting the data necessary for the petition: “It’s hard work, we must attend to the manufacturing process, but also to do historical research to document traditional linking mojama with Barbate. ” The result was the specification for the PGI “Mojama of Barbate,” published in the Official Gazette in 2013, for which the formal request was made to the Community register of designations of quality. The document describes the product, detailed manual manufacturing and link with the environment through the narration of the tradition of the area salting explained.