Create a European College of Fruit and Vegetable Interprofessionals


Interfel, Hortiespaña, Ortofrutta Italia and Bo G&F Nederland, all interprofessionals, promote this forum within Freshfel Europe, the European Association for Fresh Products.

The 4 European inter-branch organizations – French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch – that work in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, such as Interfel, Hortiespaña, Ortofrutta Italia and Bo G&F Nederland, have formalized a joint document for the creation of a College of European interprofessionals within the European Fresh Products Association, FRESHFEL Europe, based in Brussels. This agreement was reached on March 3 at a meeting held in Paris.

This new Interprofessional College of Fruit and Vegetables was created to increase the value of the European fresh fruit and vegetable sector and to recognize the role that these organizations play for the benefit of horticulture. This body will be open to all national interprofessionals, recognized by the European Union, in the fruit and vegetables sector.

FRESHFEL has already adapted its operating rules to be able to coordinate activities with interprofessionals at European level and it is expected that the recognition of this College of Interprofessionals will be ratified at its next general meeting to be held on May 27, 2020 in Brussels.

Interfel, Hortiespaña, Ortofrutta Italia and Bo G&F NederlandL value this decisive step that will give a relevant role to Interprofessional Organizations in the fresh fruit and vegetables sector in the debates on the new Common Agricultural Policy and in the European strategy “From farm to farm la mesa ”, which aims to accelerate the transition to sustainable food systems including primary production and all phases of the chain.

In addition, the four interprofessional organizations present discussed the measure included in the French Law on the Circular Economy aimed at prohibiting plastic packaging and adhesive labels on fresh fruits and vegetables from January 1, 2022 that would affect all professionals in particular from different Member States and which raises many compatibility issues with regard to the Community directive on plastics.

These European IOWs consider that in the particularly difficult economic and health situation that we are all facing today, this willingness to cooperate and work together is a tremendously positive sign of unity of action at European level. Therefore, interbranch organizations have shown their firm commitment to maintain the proper functioning of the fruit and vegetable supply chain in the different countries and continue to feed all European citizens, prioritizing a single objective such as the health of the population. .

Recognition to the sector

Hortiespaña wants to transmit a message of support and thanks to all the links in the food chain for their great work and responsibility in this “atypical” context that we have had to live through. «It is a pride for this Interprofessional to observe the commitment and dedication of each and every one of the links that make up the supply chain of fruits and vegetables, from the producer who goes to his greenhouse to the replenisher who fills the shelves with supermarkets, thus ensuring that food is available to the population, “said its president, Francisco Góngora.

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