“It is necessary to ensure materials for the fruit industry”


Afrucat has addressed by letter to the Spanish and Catalan governments the concern and concern that the Catalan fruit sector has been experiencing in recent days in the face of a possible restriction on merchandise traffic.

The sweet fruit producing sector begins a key period to ensure the next harvests and needs to carry out basic phytosanitary treatments in the field to protect them from diseases and common pests. That is why the different materials and methods of health defense become essential.

Likewise, the fruit plants in Catalonia have increased their activity by 75-150% in recent days, in order to supply the sudden increase in demand, and the supplies of packaging materials and technical services necessary to control production are more essential than ever.

Regarding the masks, a restriction has already been detected by the providers who claim to have them reserved for the state government

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The president of Afrucat Francesc Torres recalled that according to the same government “the diet of the population has been established as a basic element to preserve in the situation of the decreed State of Alarm, guaranteeing its supply” and conveys to the authorities the need for “Be vigilant in the next decisions for the free movement and supply of products, raw materials and basic materials for the field and for the fruit industry in order to be able to produce and supply fruit according to market demand and to be able to work to guarantee the next harvest in optimal conditions “.

Export controls and loan lines

Other novelties involved in the coronavirus in the fruit sector are:

The flexibility of control in the documentary procedure in customs decreed by the Ministry, which allows documentary controls to be carried out at a distance to protect inspection personnel and not to paralyze exports.

The line of loans for circulating in the fruit sector opened through the Catalan Institute of Finance ICF with the following conditions:

o Amount: minimum of € 5,000 and maximum of € 60,000

o Term: maximum 5 years, with up to 2 years grace period included.

o Interest: 12-month Euribor plus a maximum differential of 2.75%

o Opening commission: For amounts less than or equal to € 50,000 commission € 250

o For amounts over € 50,000, a commission of up to 0.75% of the nominal amount of the loan.

o Guarantees: to be determined depending on the project.

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