Verd Camps Fruits, first European company certified in the calculation of water footprint and carbon in watermelon


Verd Camp Fruits, associated with Grupo AGF since 2007, is the first European company to be certified in the calculation and verification of its water and carbon footprint for the cultivation of Fashion watermelon, being the first time a horticultural production company has evaluated sustainability and water and carbon efficiency in the cultivation of watermelon, in general, and Fashion watermelon, in particular.

Verd Camp Fruits has obtained certificates attesting that the calculation of water footprint and carbon footprint values has been carried out satisfactorily and in accordance with the most recognized international methodologies and standards (Water Footprint Network, PAS 2050).

In this project Verd Camp Fruits is a pioneer and demonstrates its awareness to achieve greater savings of resources, especially of water resources, which are a key element in agricultural sustainability.

170808_SANDÍA FASHIONThe water footprint indicator allows to characterize the volume of water used for the production of Fashion watermelon, taking into account the volume of water consumed and contaminated in the process. For its part, the carbon footprint is an indicator that measures the impact on global warming caused by the emission of greenhouse gases.

It is estimated that it will be possible to reduce its consumption by 30% in water and 30% in fertilizers in the not too distant future. The results obtained also allow progress towards compliance with the most internationally recognized quality and environmental standards

In the words of Ernest Mas, Crops Manager of Verd Camp Fruits, “these calculations provide a very clear view of the state of a farm and the impact of its production, so that management decisions can be made more profitable, sustainable and efficient. Our commitment not only involves calculating and verifying footprints, but also introducing agronomic solutions and precision agriculture tools to reduce these until optimizing the process to the maximum“.

“We started with the cultivation of watermelon, one of our most representative crops, but we are already working to calculate and verify the water and carbon footprints of the rest of the crops so that the environmental impact is the minimum so that we can continue to cultivate the lands that have seen us grow”, Mas explained.

Source: AGF Group


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