“Born in Spain, admired around the world”

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Spanish food product has long since banished complex. The sector runs parallel roads to the explosion of the sport in this country. The top sports competitions in many disciplines ceased to be a barrier to hit ball, basket, motor or paddle. Football, basketball, Formula 1, motorcycling and tennis have their names: Iniesta, Gasol, Alonso Márquez or Nadal. In the mouth, other “names” are distinguished in the table and break the frontiers of international markets: olive oil, wine, ham and meat products, preserves or fruits and vegetables. Anuga 160,000 visitors have witnessed.

Anuga has closed its doors. Specifically, his 33rd. Prints can not be better. “The competition this year has yet consolidated its position as a leading international trade fair” held Gerald Böse, Chairman of the Board of Koelnmesse GmbH, organizer of this trade fair for food and beverage, held biennially.

Only Sial Paris salon can make you shade. About 160,000 visitors registered from 10 to 14 October, from 192 countries, 68% have gone beyond the German borders.
“Again, the visitors were able this year to try thousands of innovative and high quality products. The variety clearly reflects the trends in the food sector and we are accompanied for some time, “said Friedhelm Dornseifer, president of the Federal Association of Food Trade (BVLH).

They have performed in Cologne trends, products and services solutions to more than 100 countries, as directed by Ingrid Hartges, general secretary of the German Federal Association (DEHOGA), through more than 7,000 exhibitors from 108 countries. The foreign share has reached 89% among them.

“Some 500 Spanish exhibitors”

Spain has thickened ranks among the select group of the 10 most important countries of Anuga exhibitors. He had already announced the CEO of Koelnmesse GmbH, Katharina C. Hamma, the Spanish media last summer. Some 450 exhibitors participated in Anuga 2013 and housed around 2,500 Spanish visitors, as Hamma said. This time, about 500 have actively worked.

ICEX Spain Export and Investment has hosted under its umbrella again a representation of 243 Spanish companies integrated the Spanish pavilion, some 16 companies more than in 2013. There was installed the same Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Magrama), which has promoted the Spanish quality food, protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications.

Promotional information of the Ministry stand has been guarded by the image of Rafael Nadal as Spanish ambassador products with the slogan “Born in Spain, admired in the world”.

The most notable has been that has hosted a meeting between producers, distributors and consumers, but also a platform from which to encourage an open dialogue with the world best interdisciplinary experts on the future of food production and sustainability, as He reported the Magrama.

Ten “mini Anugas”

Anuga themselves are October 10 specialized trade fairs: Anuga Fine Food, Anuga Frozen Food, Anuga Meat, Anuga Chilled & Fresh Food, Anuga Dairy Anuga Bread & Bakery, Hot Beverages, Anuga Drinks, Anuga Organic, Anuga RetailTec and Anuga FoodService. Spain has not lost any of them, for influence and has its agribusiness potential, with key sectors of the national economy itself.

One is the olive oil, for which there is provided a large exhibition area and tasting, experts have revealed where the visitor the secrets of smell and taste, but also the most traditional recipes of Mediterranean cuisine. The Forum Olive Oil has held seminars and information events and tasting sessions led by the International Olive Council (IOC).

The world of wine has grabbed himself a singular pavilion par with tasting sessions led by the best sommeliers in the world, and which have been awarded the prize for the best wine Anuga 2015.

The meat sector has been another strong point in the show, with 830 exhibitors. Pigs of Interprofessional Whitecloak (Interporc) has shown the competitiveness and quality production, accompanied by tastings and cooked meat products. The Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium has just celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Cologne Fair.

Trends in food and beverages

Vegetarians and vegans are in high demand products, like organic or organic and fair trade, as extracted from the discussions between experts at Anuga 2015. The concepts of “free” as, for example, lactose or without gluten are also trend. The halal products have arranged their own stage at the Anuga. Topics such as the assessment of foodstuffs, the brake on food waste, especially in industrialized countries, traceability, animal welfare and sustainability have also characterize future discussions related to food products and beverages , as reads a statement of the essential German fair, which repeated its conclusion from 7 to 11 October 2017.

Pictures: Anuga

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