The largest exploitation of organic blueberries has new financing

FORD Febrero

Located in the town of Mija in Dambovita, MerryBerry is the largest organic blueberry plantation in Romania. It currently covers an area of ​​100 hectares, planted between 2016 and 2017. This means that it will reach an annual production of more than 1,500 tons of blueberries from 2021.

This, in turn, means that MerryBerry has the potential to become the largest organic blueberry plantation in Europe, competing with the large producers established in Spain, Poland, Germany and France.

The MerryBerry plantation is distinguished by its efficiency and technology: it has modern video surveillance systems, GPS control of the machines and an irrigation system that guarantees the production of fruit regardless of the rainwater supply. In addition to watering the blueberry crop, this system also allows the introduction of fertilizers into the irrigation water after a predetermined nutrition program, at different stages of crop development. The fruits are harvested year after year in June, July and August.

With RON 10.5 million (2.2 million euros), OTP Bank România financed the construction of the MerryBerry refrigerated warehouse, necessary to keep the blueberries in optimal conditions, classify them and deliver them in the best conditions to the stores in Romania, England or Germany


For immediate access after the harvest of the fruit, it is in the middle of the MerryBerry plantation and will use the most advanced refrigeration technologies, thus ensuring the freshness of the fruit. The surface of the warehouse is 2,500 square meters, and among its facilities is an automatic high-performance sorting and packaging line. The warehouse will have three refrigeration chambers and five CA / ULO chambers.

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