The export of Spanish fruits and vegetables grows 5.5% in 2019

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The Spanish export of fresh fruits and vegetables in 2019 stood at 13.5 million tons and 13,542 million euros, with a growth of 8% in volume and 5.5% in value compared to 2018, according to data made public by the Department of Customs and Special Taxes and the Ministry of Industry, which show, according to FEPEX, a positive global evolution, although with disparate situations by products and a negative evolution of average export prices, which fall by 2%, standing at 1.01 euros / kilogram.

Vegetable exports in 2019 have stood at 5.6 million tons, 5% more than in 2018 and 5,752 million euros (+ 9%), with an average unit export value of 1.02 euros kilos, growing 3.4% The majority of the vegetables have registered positive behaviors, except tomato that, being historically the first product in importance of the horticulture of greenhouse in Spain, has lost this position with some sales abroad of 767.368 tonnes (-5.5%) and 922 million euros (-0.5%). This has been due to the strong competition of Morocco, whose exports grow in volumes much higher than those provided for in the Association Agreement, and the lengthening of the campaigns of other Community producing countries, mainly the Netherlands, with more technified greenhouses.

Fruit exports in 2019 rose to 7.8 million tons, 9.5% more than in 2018, with a value of 7,789 million euros (+ 3%). The average export price stood at 1 euro, 5.7% less than in 2018. After citrus fruits, the most exported fruits are those of bone, with 1, 04 million tons, 9.4% more than in 2018 and 1,086 million euros (-1.5%). Red fruits also stand out, with 440,292 tons, 13% more than in 2018 for a value of 1,410 million euros, 6% more.

By autonomous communities, Andalusia is reinforced as the first exporter of fruits and vegetables, with 4.5 million tons, 10% more and a value of 5,430 million euros (+ 7%). It is followed by the Valencian Community, with 4.05 million tons (+ 8%) and 3,556 million euros (+ 4%) and Murcia, with 2.5 million tons (+ 3%) and 2,564 million euros (+2 %); highlighting also Catalonia, with one million tons exported (+ 11%) for a value of 885 million euros (+ 7%).

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Exports to the EU in 2019 grew 7% in volume and 4% in value, totaling 12.5 million tons and 12,454 million euros, representing 93% and 92% respectively of the total exported. Exports to third destinations rose 22% year-on-year in volume and 19% in value, totaling 971,235 tons and 1,088 million euros.

For FEPEX, Federation of exporting producers, the 2019 data reflect the strong dependence on foreign sales to maintain the economic and social sustainability of the fruit and vegetable sector and the negative evolution of the average prices, which stand at 1, 01 euros / kilo, 2% less, in a year that has been characterized by a strong growth in production costs and the inability to transfer them to sales prices.