The future of the agricultural world meets in Zaragoza

New Holland abril
 Mechanization and technological innovations will show professionals the best way to make their farms more profitable, improving performance and productivity. In addition, the role of the farmer will be evident in Fima, a contest that pays special attention to Mediterranean Agriculture and where the situation of European and world agriculture is permanently raised.

Surface recórd and exhibitors

Thus, the 41st edition of FIMA has signs of being historical. After a successful edition of 2018 with an area of ​​161,080 square meters and 1,572 exhibitors that were visited by a total of 240,323 visitors, by 2020 these figures will be pulverized. In this way, the number of participating companies will exceed 1,650 this year, which will make the occupied area reach 163,000 square meters compared to 161,500 last year.

But above all, the success of FIMA is also due to visitors: 240,000 attended the 2018 edition; a figure that the organizers would like to overcome this year, but “looking for not only the quantity, but, above all, the quality”, they remember.

However, the fair will show once again the most modern technology and cutting-edge techniques and products both to meet the challenges of the sector and to respond to new regulations. In fact, this year there have been 120 technical innovations presented, 8% more than in the previous edition, of which a total of 41 have been awarded, and that promote a sustainable, precise, robotic, efficient and little aggressive agriculture that It is simple and improves the quality of life and work of the farmer.

Also relevant is the international character that this contest has acquired over the years and that is not only reflected in the origin of the exhibitors and visitors, but also in the work carried out in the field of commercial missions with fifty countries. And its continuous novelties.


This year, FIMA 2020 arrives with two relevant ones. First, on its second day the fair will leave its usual venue to move to the Palace of Congresses of the Aragonese capital, where the awards ceremony for technical news and a ‘networking’ dinner will be held. On the other hand, the fair will constitute a framework for the dissemination of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) included in the 2030 Agenda to which FIMA and Feria de Zaragoza have joined.