McCormick X6 VT-Drive, Tractor of The Year 2018 in the Best Utility category

New Holland abril

The McCormick X6 VT-Drive tractor has been awarded the prestigious “TRACTOR OF THE YEAR 2018” award in the “Best Utility” category.

The award, given by a jury of 24 journalists from the main European magazines in the field of agricultural mechanization, represents for McCormick an important recognition of the work done in the development of new technologies, perfectly captured in this range, with powers comprised between 120 and the 140 HP.

This development is reflected, firstly, in the transmission of VT-Drive continuous variation, entirely designed and carried out in the Argo Tractors plants, including the control software. A transmission that is distinguished by its small number of components, first of all the clutch, with significant advantages both in terms of operational efficiency and costs. The group is composed of a hydrostatic part and a mechanical part: at low speeds, up to 3-4 km / h, in both directions of travel, the group works in “pure” hydrostatic mode, while at higher speeds the hydrostatic component of the Transmission is progressively combined with the mechanical component, thus minimizing power absorption.

Among the highlights of the range, the axle with independent suspension, the hydraulics of 110 l / min and the terminal with Isobus functions stand out


These features make the new X6 VT-Drive a powerful, modern and reliable medium and place it in a premium position in the “stepless”.

“We proudly received this important recognition,” said Antonio Salvaterra Marketing Director of the Argo Tractors Group. “The Tractor of the Year award confirms the success of Argo Tractors’ investments in the utility tractors segment, which gave life to a project thought to the smallest details and that allowed the creation of a range with similar standards to the of the top power tractors, both in terms of performance and comfort”.

The award ceremony was held on November 12th during a special ceremony held on the opening day of the Agritechnica fair in Hannover. Previously the members of the jury had assisted in the plants of Argo Tractors to the detailed presentation of the tractor, the past September 20th  and had had the opportunity to test directly in the field 6 tractors McCormick X6 VT-Drive combined with 6 different implements.

Source: Agriargo Ibérica S.A.


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