Gala and recognitions of the Foods of Spain

FORD Febrero

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in operation, Luis Planas has presented the awards for the “Production of Fisheries and Aquaculture”, the second prize for the “Entrepreneurship”, “Food Awards of Spain to the Food Industry” , to the “Ecological Production”, to the “Restoration”, to the “Food Internationalization”, to the “Communication”, as well as the “Extraordinary Food Prize of Spain”. He has also presented today the “Food of Spain for the Best Ham 2018”, “Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils Campaign 2018/19” and “Best Wine 2019” Awards.

The acting Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, has presented the Food Awards of Spain, awards that, in its XXXI edition, recognize the work carried out by companies and professionals who have distinguished themselves by producing, offering and disseminating the Spanish quality food, as well as its contribution to the development of the Spanish food sector in a sustainable and efficient way.

In this edition, the winners are:



Spanish Food Prize for Fisheries and Aquaculture Production: EURO CAVIAR, from Ceutí (Murcia) is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of caviar substitutes and national and international leader in spherification (artisanal technique that transforms the fumet in areas), of which it exports more than 50% of its production to almost everyone.

Accesit Alimentos de España to the Entrepreneurship Initiative: SORBOS, PAJARITAS COMESTIBLES (Barcelona), stands out for its ability to adapt and anticipate the problem of reducing the use of plastics, as well as for its originality and innovation to give a response that provides value added to consumers, betting on respect for the environment.

Spanish Food Award to the Food Industry: PASCUAL QUALITY, a company that constitutes an integrating project with a great commitment in the creation of value throughout the entire chain. It also highlights its work to achieve quality and excellence, betting on the circular economy and integral sustainability, both economic and social and environmental.

Spanish Food Award for Organic Production: BIOGRAN, from Paracuellos del Jarama (Madrid), is a pioneer in the manufacture and distribution of organic products, adapted to the growing demand for these foods through the diversification of its offer, based in a quality raw material. It contributes to the fixation of the rural population with its local purchasing policy, supporting farmers in their transition to organic production.

Food from Spain Award for Restoration: ZUBEROA, restaurant located in Oiartzun (Guipúzcoa), which has become a benchmark thanks to the commitment of the Arbelaitz family that, for more than four decades, defends a project based on tradition, the professionalism and proximity to the client. It emphasizes its commitment to Spanish wines from all regions and DO and seasonal foods, as well as its expertise in the use of extra virgin olive oil.

Food of Spain Award for Food Internationalization: EXTREMEÑA NORTH OF TRANSFORMED AGRICULTURAL, of Plasencia (Cáceres). Family business specialized in the commercialization of a product as representative of our gastronomy as paprika. It exports 70% of its production to more than 60 countries on five continents. It is present in the most important supermarkets and gourmet shops, as well as in the kitchens of some of the best international chefs.

Food of Spain Award for Communication, for the INTERPROFESIONAL ORGANIZATION OF THE SHEEP AND THE CAPRINE (INTEROVIC), recognized for its communication actions, both in the domestic and abroad market, based on a strategic plan that allows analyzing the needs of a sector so complex and mature, and make creative approaches to optimize its positioning. In their campaigns they extol the values ​​of the rural environment, giving visibility to grazing as a backbone of the villages.

Extraordinary Food Prize of Spain 2018: TOURISM PARADORES OF SPAIN, for its work of promoting Spanish gastronomy, from the different places where its facilities are located. The hotel chain is a pioneer in offering local cuisine and has just reinforced its commitment to zero kilometer products in search of the best quality and commitment to the environments where it operates. In 2018, Paradores sold more than two million cutlery in its hundred restaurants.


Spanish Food Award for the “Best Serrano Ham or other Recognized Quality Figures” to JAMÓN VALLEJO, of the PGI Jamón de Trévelez (Granada). It is a ham with a very balanced conformation. At the cut, lean homogeneous red, intense and bright, with balanced fat content and bright white-pinkish color. Easily crumbly texture, good presence in the mouth and excellent final impression.

Spanish Food Award for the “Best Iberian Acorn Ham” to the 100% IBERIAN BELLOT HAM “MONTE NEVADO AÑADA 2014”, presented by Jamones Segovia, from Carbonero el Mayor (Segovia). It is a ham of elongated and stylized piece, thin cane, homogeneous mace and tip without cracks or grooves. The cut offers lean intense red color, homogeneous and bright. Uniform veining and balanced fat content, bright pink-white. It offers texture with melting grease that covers the palate, very crumbly and of medium hardness.


Food Award from Spain “Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fruity Bitter Green and Special Food Award from Spain“ Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Campaign 2018/2019 to EXPLOTACIONES JAME, from Villagordo (Jaén). This oil is defined as very intense fruity green olives, with hints of grass, leaf, tomato and alloza and other fruits, such as apple and citrus. The palate is slightly sweet, bitter and spicy, medium-high intensity, balanced and almond. It is made with olives of the picual variety.

Food Award from Spain “Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fruity Green Sweet”, awarded to the SOCIEDAD COOPERATIVA ANDALUZA SAN VICENTE, of Mogón (Jaén). It is a very intense fruity oil of green olives, with notes of leaf, herb, alloza, artichoke and tomato and other green fruits, such as apple, banana and citrus. It is made with olives of the picual variety.

Food Award from Spain “Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fruity Maduro”, awarded to SANTÍSIMO CRISTO DE LA MISERICORDIA, SOCIEDAD COOPERATIVA ANDALUZA, of Jódar (Jaén). Intense fruity olive oil reminiscent of ripe fruits. Notes of apple, almond, banana and cinnamon are mixed with green sensations of leaf and peppermint. It is an oil obtained with olives of the Picual variety.


Food of Spain Award “Best Wine”, awarded to the wine “FINO CAPATAZ SOLERA DE LA CASA”, produced by Bodegas Alvear, de Montilla (Córdoba). Made with 100% Pedro Ximénez grapes by means of biological aging, for more than six years in American oak boots, through the traditional system of hatcheries and screeds, with periodic sacks and sprays.

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