Spain, authorized to export beef to Japan

New Holland abril

Japan has just communicated to the Spanish authorities the opening of the Asian market for beef from Spain, after having successfully passed the sanitary inspection of such a rigorous country in this field.

From PROVACUNO we have worked in collaboration with the Spanish authorities and the entire sector to achieve this important opening. The export to the Japanese country will allow our authorized companies immediate commercial treatment with Japanese buyers, who have long demanded safe and quality beef like ours. This new market is excellent news for our beef sector. The export to the Japanese country will allow our authorized companies immediate commercial treatment with Japanese buyers, who have long demanded safe and quality beef, like ours.

On the other hand, it is very significant that our companies have exceeded with note the requirements of the Japanese inspection system. Spanish beef meets the requirements of the European Production Model, which gives the sector the standards of food safety, animal health, animal welfare and sustainability with respect to the highest environment in the world.

Japan is a country with deep devotion to beef and high quality meat. It should be noted that Japan is one of the developed countries with the most agricultural dependence. According to a 2017 FAO report, Japan is the second largest importer of meat and meat products worldwide. For this reason, our beef can become an object of desire of Japanese buyers: meat from animals that are fed with high quality cereals and oilseeds and that offer meat of exceptional characteristics for their tenderness, juiciness and flavor, which will make consumers in the Asian country make it the “star” of the table.


Japan, with its more than 125 million inhabitants and its high income per capita, is an extremely demanding market. In the field of beef, the differential between the annual volume produced in this country (470,000 tons) and the volume consumed (more than 1.3 million tons), necessarily, require importing large quotas of beef . These figures, in addition, are increased annually, since production in the last five years has fallen in Japan by percentages of 10%, while consumption grows around 5%, approaching very important demand figures (about 700,000 tons per year imported).

The profile of the meat demanded by the Japanese consumer fits perfectly with the offer that is offered from the Spanish beef sector: meat produced from cereals and oilseeds, from animals under 30 months, which guarantee juiciness, tenderness and excellent taste Our main competitors currently in Japan are framed in the same profile, so it is clear that we have a highly competitive product to meet your demands.

Another very important aspect that favors the commercial relationship of Spanish beef in the Asian country is the maintenance of the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Japan, which entered into force in early 2019, as well as the decline continued tariffs on beef in the period of force of this Agreement.

To complete this desired market opening, PROVACUNO will be present at Foodex Tokyo 2020, the most important agri-food fair in Japan, meeting place of the main buyers of this country with foreign suppliers. The PROVACUNO delegation will have the presence of numerous Spanish beef companies, which will make their presentation in Japan with the authorization to export under the arm.