VI.P- Apples Val Venosta is restructured to better adapt to market demands

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The Val Venosta Association of Fruit and Vegetable Cooperatives, VI.P Val Venosta Apples, has introduced the new changes that affect the structure of its organization, and with which it aims to reach the market with greater strength, speed and capacity of adapting to the new needs of consumers.

In the presentation of the new phase of VI.P- Apples Val Venosta (Val Venosta Fruit and Vegetable Cooperatives Association), its Director General Josef Wielander stated that “our world changes rapidly and we have to face these challenges, using all the tools at our disposal, from the daily work of our producers to each link in the chain that takes our product to the points of sale of customers”.

“In recent years, our cooperatives have made strong investments in technology, which have allowed us to become a reference in the sector, added Wielander, to this is added the rapid expansion of organic crops, which will represent 800 hectares in 2019. In parallel, we have been working to acquire the rights to new varieties, which we are developing with our partners such as Kanzi®, Envy ™, Ambrosia®, yello® and others that will arrive in the coming seasons“.

Josef Wielander: “now is the time to update our internal organization to offer our customers the necessary support to face this moment of change in the market of apples, where traditional varieties coexist with new and where new countries appear strongly, and either as competitors or as customers”

“We think that the key for the coming years will be to accompany our customers in the redefinition of linear and apple supply, which today is rapidly expanding and may be confusing, and for that, we have decided to combine our departments from now on. Sales and Marketing under a single Commercial Directorate, by Fabio Zanesco, who in the last ten years has been dedicated to coordinate sales of VI.P and develop the market of the Iberian Peninsula, in which we have had a very important progression , explained the general director of VI.P-Manzanas Val Venosta.

“With this evolution we want to face the specific needs of the market with a clear and unified vision, characterized by our commercial and marketing strength”

Fabio Zanesco.

Fabio Zanesco.

For Fabio Zanesco, “this is, of course, a very challenging challenge, and I am convinced that we are on the right path to modernize our relationship with the market. We have reflected internally with a very open mind. Now we have to work hard and achieve the proposed objectives. The grouping of the Sales and Marketing departments, of course, has needed the redefinition of some roles and positions, so my partner Benjamin Laimer will be our benchmark in the marketing area, taking care of the operational part and the full realization of our programs trade and consumer “.

New Sales Manager for Spain and Portugal

“As for the work that I have carried out in Spain and Portugal in the last ten years, Zanesco continues, there is no change in the investment policy of our company. It is important to note that we are very satisfied with our track record and we aspire to be one of the leading brands in the apple sector. ”

“On the other hand, he adds, in this new stage, I will focus on new themes and projects, so I will not be able to remain responsible in these markets, which are among the most important for Val Venosta Apples. Without a doubt, I will personally miss the daily contact with our customers, but we will leave the management in very good hands: the new sales manager for Spain and Portugal will be Christiane Gfrei, who for some years has collaborated with VI.P and the which our customers and distributors know well”.

In the words of the new sales manager for Spain and Portugal, “both countries historically represent two very important markets for Val Venosta, and we will have to do a very active and agile work in the coming seasons to launch all new projects. I am prepared and I know that I have the support of the whole company, so I expect the customers to the next Fruit Attraction Fair in Madrid, which will take place in a few days, to start the new campaign”.

Wielander: “with this reorganization we have the necessary resources to guarantee the service for which VI.P is famous and valued by our clients, which is adapted to new projects that are already in an advanced phase of development”

Source: VI.P Manzas Val Venosta

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