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New Holland makers have officially delivered the tenth machine of this company that owns the service of the Brothers Martinez Nunez, Albacete. They are a national reference for the service offered in the work of harvesting. For 2 years they are considered within a central project of the New Holland brand Ambassadors.

One must go back many years ago so that each of the components of this great family, the Brothers Martinez Nunez, can recall the first exercise of train drivers in the first machine to harvest that took his father. We are talking about nearly 5 decades ago when Don Vicente Martinez, father of Thomas, Joseph, Anselmo and Miguel Angel, current owners of the service company Hnos Martinez Nunez CB, began to plow, even without knowing the future of their children, inculcating a value for the field work and a spirit that today we have very present.

D. Vicente Martinez always had a dream, and life circumstances and different avatars it could not fulfill. And that dream was simply to have owned a “yellow” New Holland. That’s why in 1991, in September to be precise, became one of the most enjoyable moments of his life on the field when his four children decided, once they had already worked with other machines of other brands that was the time to take the plunge and buy a combine harvester New Holland. That first machine, a TX32 Agroalba sold by the dealership, was the first of many that this collection services company based in La Herrera (Albacete) has acquired. Always maintaining a close relationship with the official dealer New Holland, Agroalba a national reference in care and service.
There are two companies that make up this family, one dedicated exclusively to the collection and founded in 1986 and another created 10 years later, dedicated to logistics, called Transvima, which have 14 tractor truck, 3 gondolas carrying harvesters 20 and truck trailers.

A large family of harvesters New Holland

Continental Int Noticia

Regarding the fleet of yellow machines currently available are 10 New Holland:

CR7.90 ELEVATION (2016)
CX8070 ELEVATION (2014)
CX8040 (2013)
CX6090 (2012)
CX8060 (2009)
CX8060 (2007)
CR9060 (2006)
CX860 (2005)
CX820 (2004)
TX63 (1998)

Being the most current, and the reason for delivery on April 15, the CR 7.90 Elevation, it is offering superior collection capacity thanks
the Twin Rotor technology, which makes threshing and separation is delicate but with extraordinary efficiency, guaranteeing unsurpassed quality grain.

Good service to everything

As good service to third parties commented: “We offer services to all types of customers, each with different needs and adapt to them. That’s what sets us apart in a way. Having a wide and logistics own fleet, we can bring a machine overnight as we required a customer “.

It is exactly that philosophy and line of work in which New Holland is based on the time of offering the highest bid suitable product for any type of customer and cultivation. Since the Italian brand product is essential, but the support through various programs dedicated training for customers harvesting machines New Holland and called Harvest Master as well as after-sales and service campaign, is what makes it to New Holland the undisputed leader in the segment of harvesting machinery.

Have clear added value that gives them a brand like New Holland “Now customers are looking for us, they know we have a fleet of 10 harvesters New Holland and themselves can check the performance, reliability, low grain loss and technology They are carrying our machines “and of course stand apart from product quality constant treatment from the moment they have received by the concessionaire, very personalized in the figure of one of its managers, Honorato. “We trust in the product we have and we have put so many years on these machines, but the support we have from Agroalba makes us have infinite confidence that we will not fail. We give service and know the importance of it, so we value each and every one of support and solutions from Agroalba and from the brand have given us at peak times field where problems have arisen. From loaning any machine courtesy to have pit crews working night and day, those details are what make great a product and a brand.”

The importance of belonging to a select group of Ambassadors New Holland

As one would expect from two years ago the Brothers Martinez Nunez are considered within a central project of the brand as Ambassadors New Holland, not only for being good customers, but for his leadership in the opinion in the area and to be a reference level national in the world of collecting.

Grateful for the presence of the head of the New Holland in Spain, Riccardo Angelini, the day developed in mid-April, which was presented with a commemorative plaque to celebrate this moment, say “feel very proud that the marks denominated Ambassadors New Holland because in many respects so we feel, and we value as sometimes we are asked loaning opinion machinery engineering prototypes that help the brand to refine details on the development of machines that eventually we will have to buy and work with them”.

As in more than one occasion during the event they recalled all this would not have been a reality without a person as was D. Vicente Martínez whose work and perseverance managed to get their hands on a combine harvester New Holland. That is why Mr. Vicente was the first Ambassador New Holland who had the family.

Source: New Holland