The Cava Regulatory Council delivers its II Awards for Excellence

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On 12th  July, the Cava Regulatory Council presented the ‘II Cava Excellence Awards’, which aim to recognize those people who in their different professions have helped to exalt and give prestige to the cava. These prizes, therefore, are a public recognition of their work and contribution to the prestige of this sparkling wine and its positioning as a quality product.

Its delivery ceremony was held at the Berger Balaguer Forum in Vilfraca del Penedés and was attended by the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, the Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, Dolors Montserrat, The Consellera de Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca i Alimentació, Meritxell Serret, and the Chairman of the Cava Regulatory Council, Pedro Bonet.

The awards consist of four categories: Viticulture, Enology, Diffusion and Trajectory

The members of the Plenary of the Cava Regulatory Council decided to award the II Cava Excellence Awards to the following winners:

Journalist of long and prolific story divulgadora in the mass media. Specialist in the wine world and very knowledgeable about the virtues of the cava and its harmony with the gastronomy.

Renowned winemaker, he has dedicated his entire career to the elaboration of the cava. Passionate about his profession is distinguished by his creativity and know-how. No doubt, he will go down in history for being a great specialist of the traditional method.

Winemaker of family tradition, enthusiast of his trade. A lifetime dedicated to the meticulous care of his vineyards that have made him the “gardener of the vines of the cava”.

An emblematic entrepreneur with outstanding career in the cava sector. His personal commitment to the premium cavas has become a benchmark of quality and prestige.

Pedro Bonet highlighted in his speech the work of the winners, also stressed that since the creation of these awards four years ago has been achieved “improve in notoriety but above all in quality.” The president of the Regulatory Council stressed that the cava is the first Spanish wine in export, reason why the sector must feel “proud”, although he insisted that “you can not lower your guard and you have to keep improving, pursuing excellence” . “We have to go to one,” he added.

For its part, the Consellera de Agricultura assured that the Generalitat will be next to the sector of the cava and insisted that it has “a firm determination to contribute to preserve this heritage”. According to Serret, “our success is also that of the country and in that we are all involved”.

The Minister of Agriculture, who closed the ceremony, defined the cava as “an ambassador of luxury in the world” and highlighted the export record of the cava

García Tejerina pointed out that the wine sector is one of the most important in foreign trade. She emphasized that wine is the fourth European exporter in the food industry and the fourth in the world. She also pointed out that it is an “export based on the quality of our productions”.

The event, led by the journalist Pepa Fernández, ended with a recital by the string quartet of the Orchestra of Cambra del Penedés and a cocktail harmonized with cava.

Source: CRDO del Cava


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Still-life with three wine bottles and glass over textured background

Still-life with three wine bottles and glass over textured background


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