TECNIDEX, sponsor of the Congress Prognosfruit 2017

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The 40th Prognosfruit Congress, to be held in the city of Lleida from 9th to 11th August, will be sponsored by TECNIDEX, a company with a high degree of specialization in the protection of fruits and vegetables in the post-harvest period. More specifically, this company has been developing a wide catalog of products and technologies for the protection of pome fruit in this phase, among them Scholar®, Tecto® 500SC, Textar® 60T and its new range PURE AIR®. TECNIDEX thus gives its support to this Congress organized by the Fruit Business Association of Catalonia (Afrucat), in conjunction with Word Apple and Pear Association (WAPA).

The Prognosfruit Congress, the main global meeting dedicated to the production of apple and pear, will bring together representatives of the European apple and pear industry (producers, processors and marketers). An opportunity for networking and pooling of the sector that will count on the support and participation of TECNIDEX, FRUIT PROTECTION, S.A.U.

In Prognosfruit 2017 will participate different speakers from all over the world, experts in different matters related to the production and marketing of apple and pear that, among other issues, will address the harvest forecasts of this sector

TECNIDEX counts on a wide catalog of products, technologies and services for the protection of the fruit of nugget after its collection. They include a range of products that the company distributes exclusively: Tecto® 500 SC, Textar® 60T, and Scholar®. The latter is a broad spectrum fungicide, highly effective for the prevention of diseases caused by the fungi Penicillium expansum, Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, Botrytis cinerea and Rhizopus sp, being the only product with true efficacy against the latter, thus facilitating the protection of the seed fruit after collection.

Tecto® 500SC and Textar® 60T are fungicides based on Thiabendazole, widely recognized and used, both for their effectiveness against numerous post-harvest fungi and for their beneficial action on the skin of the fruits during their conservation.

To them, the company adds other very effective products to protect the pome fruit, such as Textar® I, a systemic fungicide based on Imazalil, and Textar® Extra, a systemic and contact-based fungicide based on thiabendazole and Imazalil, both effective against Penicillium expansum and Gloesporium spp.

For the protection of pome fruit, the company also has the PURE AIR range, consisting of Textar® Pure Air (new formulations) and CONTROL-TEC® CAM PURE AIR (a new non-residual technology)

Gama Pure Air.

Gama Pure Air.

Textar® Pure Air eliminates ethylene by the absorption technique, thus extending the life of the fruits in their processes of conservation and logistics, facilitating that it reaches the final consumer in perfect conditions. They are products developed under the maxim of food safety, which leave no residue on the fruit and are highly recommended for fruits that have to endure long trajectories or are very sensitive to ethylene.

In technologies, CONTROL-TEC® CAM PURE AIR is a new system of air purification of the chambers that incorporates two techniques, sterilization and absorption

This reduces the spores of pathogens present in the air of the chamber, while decreasing the levels of ethylene in it, providing a conservation of the fruits in an environment of greater hygiene and disinfection, leaving no residues of any kind in the product. This system has a range of equipment that can be adapted to different sizes of cameras.

TECNIDEX is headquartered in Spain but has a strong international presence with 100% owned companies in Morocco, Turkey, South Africa, Italy, Greece and Peru. The company counts from its origins with a strong commitment to CSR that leads it to collaborate year after year with different social, cultural and sporting projects.


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