Fitó brings Foodture to Fruit Logística, an innovative approach for the consumer of the future


Semillas Fitó will participate in the next 7Th, 8th and 9th of February at Fruit Logística 2018 with a stand (Pabellón 1.2 C-09) futuristic and groundbreaking with the traditional image of the sector. The Berlin fair, which is one of the most important in the international horticultural sector, with an influx of more than 76,000 people, is focused on answering the key question: What is the future of fruit and vegetable trade? In this sense, Semillas Fitó has decided to take a step forward and launch Fitó Foodture.

Fitó Foodture is an innovative concept of Semillas Fitó clearly aimed at satisfying the new needs of consumers, responding to their demands for quality, health, new tastes and formats, etc.

In recent years we have seen how Semillas Fitó has developed novel proposals such as: Monterosa, a pink tomato that has already become a benchmark in tomatoes of quality and flavor; Essentia, a cherry tomato very tasty and heart-shaped, or the exotic Waikiki melon, with white skin and salmon-colored meat, among others.

To continue in this line of innovation and development of new concepts, Semillas Fitó has created a transversal team that brings together specialists in different areas of the company to promote the development and market launch of new concepts of horticultural varieties aimed at different consumers ( singles, children, elderly people, lovers of cooking or new trends).

Asamblea 5 al Día 2019. ENG

Fruit Logistica Berlin 2018 is the ideal place to present this new line of work of Semillas Fitó and demonstrate what Fitó can provide as a global company to its customers through the new division Foodture

At the fair will be present with some of the brands that are now a reality and the new concepts and trends in which the brand is working for the future.

Source: Semillas Fitó


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