Semillas Fitó advocates a more professional corporate website, updating its image and content


Semillas Fitó has taken a step forward in its commitment to a corporate website clearly focused on the agricultural professional, with the renewal of its image and content. The new design that has just been launched from updates both visual, functional and informative elements.

The new Semillas Fitó website has a clean and modern image that invites navigation and facilitates the search of content on all types of devices, whether computers, tablets or mobile

For this, a new internal architecture has been developed, thinking of offering a large container of information to access in a very few steps and in a very intuitive and simple way. is clearly focused on agricultural professionals who can easily find the type of crops and products that interest them most, quickly finding the complete information of each variety offered by this company.

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Each commercial variety now has a larger and updated content, including product sheets, videos and information of interest to each product, distribution and consumer

The website is also a bidirectional tool where clients and professionals who wish may contact the company, ask for information, ask questions or comment on topics of interest through social networks, apply for employment or training, etc. In addition, it facilitates the sending of information from the web to other people through links via mail or whatsapp.

In short, the new Semillas Fitó website offers a current and professional image to successfully face the challenge of the digital age.

Source: FITÓ Seeds


➡️Fitó will have the leading technology from Micropep Technologies to research on plant genetic improvement

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