AlgaEnergy joins the European Biostimulants Industry Council


AlgaEnergy has recently signed its adhesion to the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC), the organization that brings together the main players in the bio-stimulant industry in Europe, a continent that brings together more than 40% of the world market. This association seeks to standardize, promote the use and value the role of biostimulants, keys for the development of a more sustainable agriculture, very in line with the current and future requirements of the European Union.

AlgaEnergy continues to strengthen its position in the market of agricultural biostimulants, as a reference worldwide. The good reception that AgriAlgae® is reaping in Spain, as well as in those markets in which it currently has a presence, has served as a basis for its internationalization.

Adherence to the EBIC is an important step for the positioning of the company in the global market, and one more example of its commitment to standardization and promotion of the use of biostimulants in agriculture

The incorporation of AlgaEnergy was approved by the EBIC Board this December, adding to the 57 companies that are already part of this organization.


The market of biostimulants is relatively new, and therefore, it is necessary that the main actors of the sector join their efforts to achieve a standardization of the same, as well as to promote the use of biostimulants from a solid scientific basis. In this sense the EBIC was founded in 2011, whose responsibilities include giving visibility and raising awareness regarding the contribution of agricultural biostimulants to a more efficient and sustainable agri-food sector and, as a consequence, promoting growth and development of the European biostimulant industry. It is a platform that serves as a meeting point for the different actors of the sector, and helps to disseminate and increase knowledge about this type of agricultural inputs, called to play a leading role in European and global agriculture.

Regarding the adhesion to the EBIC, Carlos Rodríguez-Villa, General Director of AlgaEnergy, pointed out that “AlgaEnergy has been a pioneer in the biostimulant sector, developing a product based on microalgae unique in the world – AgriAlgae®-. It is also the only company in the world that has microalgae cultivation plants and has prioritized the agricultural sector“, “Being part of this organization was a natural and necessary step, since the objectives of AlgaEnergy are very aligned with those of the EBIC in contributing to consolidate and strengthen a relatively new sector, whose relevance and enormous potential for agriculture is still unknown at a general level “, added Rodríguez-Villa.

The adhesion of AlgaEnergy to the EBIC includes the signing of a Code of Conduct for the commercialization of biostimulants, which seeks to lay the foundations for the development of an industry with solid ethical and scientific standards, which ensure compliance with the current regulations. This Code of Conduct reflects the commitment of EBIC members to commercialize biostimulants in such a way that transparency is encouraged and farmers are allowed to make decisions based on consistent information regarding the additional benefits biostimulants can bring to their business.

About AlgaEnergy

AlgaEnergy is a biotechnology-based company founded in 2007, which consolidates the deep knowledge in Spain of microalgae science, generated by universities over the past 4 decades. It collaborates with more than 120 companies in the field of research, has held Iberdrola as a shareholder since 2009, and has designed, built and operates the most advanced and pioneering microalgae cultivation plants worldwide. The European Commission has selected it as one of the SMEs with the greatest growth potential in Europe and of strategic importance for the continent, and its activity and developments have positioned it as an international benchmark.

Microalgae, because of their biochemical richness and their advantages over other raw materials from traditional agroindustry, are of great interest to develop products in very diverse sectors. However, the star product of AlgaEnergy is its range of AgriAlgae® agricultural biostimulants that, obtained through the controlled production of various strains of microalgae, manage to increase yields, improve qualities and increase resistance to stress situations, in all types of crops. These products, natural and sustainable, have been developed over the last 8 years, and since 2015 they have been successfully marketed in the market, reaching satisfaction rates that exceed any expectations.

Source: Algaenergy

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