Francisco Javier García, Symborg’s new global marketing director

New Holland abril

The new director has 15 years of experience as an agricultural engineer and is specialized in plant biotechnology. Throughout his career, he has held technical and comercial positions, and he has led teams at leading companies in the agricultural sector, suchs as Dow AgroSciences.


Symborg is a Spanish multinational company in agricultural biotechnology. Its team is  growing up with a new incorporation; Francisco Javier García Domínguez wich will lead the international marketing strategy and the positioning of the products in more tan 50 contries where they are present.  The company continues with its business development and global expansión strategy. “It is a pride to work at Symborg for its philosophy and its company model, with a very strong identity, focused on understanding and responding to the needs of the Farmer and consumer,” explains Francisco Javier.

In words of Jesús Juárez, founding partner and CEO of Symborg: “ Francisco Javier joins a team committed to positioning Symborg among the 10 leading agricultural biotechnology companies worldwide. We are very happy with his incorporation. We also understand it as a sign of how exciting the Project is”.


In relation to the challenges of the agricultural sector,Francisco Javier García emphasizes that “the agriculture of the XXI century demands answers and concrete solutions to concrete problems. We can not get stuck in the more traditional ways of managing a crop. Agricultural production is not longer just about sedes, agrochemicals and fertilizers. The modernization of agriculture has to fase new enviromental and social challenges. Sustainability, environmental awareness, profitability for the farmer and the quality of production are demands of society that are on the table and we can not ignore them. For that, agriculture has to transform and innovate in the search for solutions”.