A hybrid of two pests, the new threat of crop


A hybrid between two pests would be the new threat to crops around the world, according to Australian scientists, who have confirmed the new appearance of a hybrid of two worms responsible for the world’s major pests in a new species strengthened.

One of the pests is the caterpillar of cotton capsules, which affects a hundred crops in Europe, Asia and Africa, including cotton, tomato and soybean, highly mobile and has developed resistance to most pesticides. Meanwhile, the other is the corn worm, originally from America, according to a statement by the Australian scientific research agency, CSIRO, which warned that the combination of both is a “worrying” hybrid without geographical barriers.

The scientists found that among the group of worms studied each individual was distinct, suggesting a “swarm of hybrids” in which multiple versions of the same hybrid could be present in the same population.

The director of the research, Craig Anderson, warned of the consequences that this new plague can have on crops around the world, especially in America.

“Recent estimates indicate that 65 percent of agricultural production in the United States is at risk of being affected by the capsule caterpillar,” Anderson said.

In addition, they stressed that this new threat is increased in the tomato crop, as it could be affected in a greater number of cases than the rest of plantations.


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