World and European market of agricultural machinery. Riccardo Angelini

CASE Ih – New Holland

10_8_2011-6_31_06-PM-Riccardo_AngeliniRoughly the global European market and have prospects, a global very similar level. In both cases it is expected shrinking demand, both tractors and everything related to collection and fodder.

Referring to the world market, the Latin America and Asia – Pacific are those who are worse off, and those with the prospect of stability and markets without many movements compared to 2015 are the regions of EMEA and North America as it refers to tractors and harvesting machinery, forage and a small decline is expected.

Last year in EMEA market was lower than he had in 2014, and this suffering is expected to fall 2016 for this stability is the keynote.

Outlook tractors and machinery market in Spain 2016

Continental Int Noticia

The estimate on tractors, a similar market to 2015 is expected, with an upward trend something if you stick to that since 2014 has accumulated a 4-5% market growth. Clearly, the uncertainty of the current political situation may affect the market, but large impacts justify a market downturn are expected. Knowing, of course, that today’s products are not very splendid prices and accumulate significant price declines from recent months. A plus and worth mentioning is the economic situation that Spain presents its upward trend, which may lead to a positive boost for the market.

Drought is an issue that, in principle, it seems that will not affect this year, although it is somewhat dormant and can attack at any time. This year however can anticipate crops and crops which in some cases can affect the late frosts, but this issue is something that already has and that is always present.

Machinery estimate is somewhat more positive, starting to 2015 the market suffered a lot of historically low balers, but remained stable in the segment of forage harvesters and balers.

It is expected a timid increase in harvesting and higher growth in the packing, which also has been endorsed with a very good fundraising. Like the harvesters, whose primary campaign aims to market something higher.

Of course all these prospects may undergo any modifications if they enter the fray all about government assistance, grants and Renove plans, which have a great influence in the purchase decision of customers and market trends vary .

Another factor that can affect are the current extremely competitive markets.

As a comment to add I mean the market used as another factor to note. In Spain in 2015 are estimated at about 28,000 units of tractors, which compared to 10,000 new, it gives an idea of ​​the weight and importance that Spain has used this market and the actual impact it has on the domestic market for machines new.

Riccardo Angelini, president of the Organizing Committee of FIMA 2016 and New Holland Agriculture CEO in Spain